Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chilling time @ Chilla Cup, Setia Walk


No I’m not wearing coloured lens :)

Ahh it has been a while. I am trying very hard not to abandon this space so you must give me your support alright? Today my recommendation is a cafe in a new mall in Puchong that is ChillaCup in SetiaWalk. It is not hard to notice ChillaCup in SetiaWalk. It is located a few shops next to Starbucks.

If you wonder where is it, you can check out the map here.


Chilla Cup is a cafe located in SetiaWalk. It looks cosy and is just a perfect place for tea time. It is a rebrand and as you can see from the logo itself, it is a signal of  love. Why don’t you bring your loved one come over for a coffee? :)



Not a big shop but bright, cosy and warm.In fact I like this kind of feeling.



There is this corner that I like. Classy yet comfy. I feel like I can spend one whole afternoon there reading while enjoying my drinks. The drinks here are awesome! I will talk about the drinks I love later.



Do you feel love now?

ChillaCup’s signature is Arabica coffee. The Arabica is planted at the top of the mountain. The coffee bean they used is the AAA grade. In ChillaCup, they use a different way of roasting which is Artisan roasting. They will only roast 15kg each time. This can ensure the quality of the coffee bean and of course, the high quality of the coffee that you get to enjoy here. 



  1. americano : RM6.50 (regular)
  2. latte : RM9.50(regular)

Lets take a look at the main course. This cafe doesn’t only serve snacks and drinks, it serves main course too.


Dory fish with sour cream spaghetti : RM16.90

Probably my favourite main course of the day. Love the creamy sauce and the taste of dory fish.


Pepperoni tortillas : RM13.90


Hawaii tortilla  : RM12.90

Tortilla is one of their signature also. You can try them out. They taste not bad too.


caramel almond pretzel : RM7.50

plain pretzel RM5.90

Some other bloggers really love this very much. It comes with the caramel sauce, then you can dipped the pretzel in it. But to be honest, I don’t really fancy this. I find the taste doesn’t really suit me. I would prefer the sauce to be sweeter.



smoothies selection: mango, strawberry,blueberry, passion fruit and raspberry @RM12.00 (regular)

If you go to the shop and you do not drink coffee (just like me), I suggest you to try their smoothies. OMG I TELL YOU THE MANGO SMOOTHIES IS GOOD. real good. I believe they use fresh fruits to blend, because the taste is so original and I simply love it.


With my pretty dear Coco. Some people say we do look alike and sometimes even myself thought so too when looking at some photos wtf


fish and chips : RM16.90

Taste average, would prefer the fish to be fried till crunchier.


caramel butter thick toast : RM8.50

I like this ! It will satisfy your sweet tooth but I suggest you to share it with your friends or family because this is high calories ya.


Oh see who I met that day

By the way Chilla Cup is having their June promotion. Is not too late to go there now!



Selection of Chicken burger/Seafood Spaghetti/Cheesy Macaroni at a price of RM14.90.  It comes with a free drink of honey lime/americano/gourmet tea. It is available to upgrade to latte/cappuccino with additional RM3. Take note that the promotion is only from Monday – Friday. 12noon - 2pm. excluding holiday.


By the way SetiaWalk is a very beautiful place! It has many different kind of restaurant and cafe such as Wong Kok, The Beer Factory and Starbucks, and also got boutique and music school. I believe there will be more shops opening soon. So, if you are free you can go there and check it out or just go there to take photos just like me LOL


Beautiful place. I just use the Canon S95 to take this. And I think is very pretty.


I hope SetiaWalk can forever be this clean and beautiful. I will definitely come back again. Don’t forget to go ChillaCup to have a drink !




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  1. Food looks good! And I love the second last picture of you! So pretty. :)