Thursday, July 19, 2012

Elevate To Penang!

So I elevated myself to Penang to party in VIP style woohoooooo!


This might sound a bit crazy, but yes, I do go to Penang for a weekend to attend this party as I think this should be one of the party that I shouldn’t miss. What’s more there will be 20 bloggers including myself to party together! It will be a fun night catching up with friends and make new friends too.


This party is held in Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) on 14 July. This is my first time to be in PISA. When I was entering, I was like why is it so quiet… Did I go to the wrong place? But when I entered, I was like WAH such a huge event!



The stage is big so that everyone can see it. Love the LED screen behind. It just made everything look good.


And also free flow of drinks all night long!


Met a few familiar faces! It is always fun partying with them.


Look at the happy faces and the crowd!!


First on stage is DJ Siera Lee! Sweet girl and I cant stop looking at her!


Second up on the stage is the Mocha Girls. They are really hot girls. They can sing and dance very well! Besides, they interact with the crowd and is pretty much entertaining. They made people sing together with them, made them dance on stage and one more thing…


Matchmaking! hahaha kidding la. but apparently this girl,Yumi from Mocha Girls is single and she invited two guys up on the stage to express their love towards her. Then she will pick one of them! Sam was one of them and he is being such a sweetheart!  Putting on his jacket for her and kneel and express himself. Haha who doesn’t melt uh?

And as predicted, Yumi chose Sam and sing a song for him. I hope they do continue contact each other LOL they look pretty cute together


Next up is Electroxhot! They are the winner of Showdown 2011 and they also proved us how powerful are them. Impressed me with their moves!


Last but not least, is DJ Hiloco aka Nerodolls from Japan! Woots! She spinned in the previous Carlsberg Where’s The Paty and I have a strong impression towards her as I think she is drop dead gorgeous. And she never dissappoint the crowd! The crowd just got higher and higher!


And I get to take photo with DJ Siera Lee! She is so cute! Her dimples!!!!!

Thanks to Don Chan for bringing us to Penang for party and this is a great getaway as well Smile




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  1. Still.. U really slim down a lot la!! *patpat*

  2. awww so sad that i went to kl. otherwise can meet u up ad! TT

    1. its ok. plenty of chances next time :)