Friday, July 27, 2012

Sushi Tei with Worthy Book


Recently I got this Worthy BookTM F&B Special Edition 2012-2013 and I am really excited over it. It is a book that I won’t get bored reading again and again. Because it is full of vouchers! It has various vouchers for all kinds of eateries and even beauty salon. I bring along this book almost everywhere, as the size is just nice to fit into the handbag, and I can always get some discount/freebies when I dine in. How cool is this!

This Worthy Book has categorized types of cuisine and different shopping mall , enable you to find the shop you want easier. And for me, I actually choose what I want to eat from there. I think it saves a lot of my time to think what do they have in this mall and what is nice.

Last Tuesday I went to Tropicana City Mall for movie. Before that I decided to dine in Sushi Tei to satisfy my craving. I ordered this set which costs only RM18.80!


Inclusive of this whole set




+Miso soup and a glass of syrup. Super worth it right!

But my friend ordered something else


the above and below sushi, crab cawanmushi and some other sushi.


And guess what? I get something free!


Tadaa! I get 1 salmon sashimi FREE! Just with a minimum spending of RM20, I can get this salmon sashimi for free! I love sashimi. How about you?

Worthy Book is available at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected outlets in Klang Valley.

Find out more here:


Just a very short and quick update, stay tune for more after my final exam alright? My final exam starts on next Saturday and I am really scared… I know you will wish me luck, will you? :p




Yours truly with zero make up here to scare you off

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  1. yyum yum!! =DD and good luck and all the best in ur exam! and honestly.. i like the way u are not with make up. natural beauty. =)

    1. awww thank you! this is so kind of u :)