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You might be feeling weird seeing me writing this post.. Because I don’t play games.. Or should I say is because I hardly win in games? okayface.jpg But guess what, because of the site that I’m introducing in this post, I am thinking maybe I should start playing games! It looks sooooo good. Any kind soul willing to teach? Teehee Alright cut the crap. I am so going to recommend this site to all of you gamers out there, it is .

Hey, read this post till the end to find out how you can win yourself A Samsung Galaxy S3 or Wii U :)

logo-gamesmana-b - Live in your world, play in ours

The beta version of in Simplified Chinese has launched on 15th August 2012!(Yes today!) is a community portal that enables gamers to access free-to-play games, which span a wide range of game genres, and interact with other like-minded gamers with a single unified account. With the community-friendly and personalized enhancement features, you can create, customize and manage your gaming persona, find fellow gamers and friends as well as join chats and game matches easily.

This beta version will see the launch of three Chinese games that have proven to be hugely popular with gamers in China, 大航海, 传奇国度 and三国列传.

 三国列传 (Playable from 29 Aug - 4 Sep) : Based on events from the historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, players can rewrite history by using characters, such as an awe-inspiring warrior like General Zhao Yun, a brilliant strategist on par with Advisor Zhuge Liang or a legendary archer like Taishi Ci.


For me, I always love seeing all the pretty and sexy girls in games #shallow

sglc5- the archer

And you get to choose your character! Like this one, you can pick male or female, be a warrior, planner(I’m sorry I don’t know what is it called in English.. Just a very smart person who plan all the move/technique for war) or archer.


 大航海 (Playable from 15 Aug - 21 Aug)


This is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set during the Age of Exploration, providing a romantic and historic fictional account of the era. Players may choose from 5 nations: England, France, Spain, Portugal or Turkey.

TM截图未命名= can choose to go the resident of governor,association,dockyard and dock

Yea basically your entire life is in the sea cause you are sailing. Of course you can choose to go to the dockyard and some other places. I believe you can build your own ship here. How cool is it


大航海 version 2.0 (Playable from 5 - 12 Sep) is an updated version with new maps and features in the game where you make your living as a sailor, pirate, merchant or trader!

火刑女巫- burning the witch

One of the punishments. They are burning the witches. Looks so real!


 传奇国度 (Playable from 22 Aug - 28 Aug)


This is an action role-playing game with mythical and fantasy settings, where players can select their hero from three character classes - warrior, mage or priest - to battle for supremacy.


This is 春之城, City of Summer.


I have learnt something new. Well, for people who never play games, here is something interesting. Do you see the red and blue line below the name? The red line is hit points for life. But I never get to know whats the use of the blue line. I asked, and this is known as the Stamina Bar. every spell or skill need certain amount of points to use. it is also commonly known as mp which is magic point for magic/skill. Anyway, it is also depends on games. Every games have different name and function for it.


Posting this to stimulate your brain for a second.

nvzhan3 (1024x772)

Alright 2 seconds.


I am asking you to sign up in this website because… are you ready? It’s a really long list. Here we go.

Sign up and win the next gen Wii U when its released and the Samsung Galaxy S3. Earn additional chances by posting a photo of yourself with a blue item or even better, a mana potion bottle. Or come up with your own creative take on what “Mana” represents or means to you! (


This is my entry teehee. What do you think?

Just sign up and win daily and weekly prizes - SteelSeries merchandise including the limited edition Frost Blue Headsets, Kinzu gaming mice and mouse pads (

• Be granted access to owning a unified gamer profile that will give you the power to access many of the latest and most popular games, starting with the three web browser games during Beta. A good platform for social gamers to interact with each other and work together and accomplish greater goals

• Receive 100 Mana Points upon your first login each day for the duration of the Beta to spend in games. Gain double game experience bonus during weekday happy hour from 7 to 9 pm and weekend happy hour from 3 to 5 pm and 8 to 10 pm. Gain triple game experience bonus during Friday and Saturday’s midnight madness, from 11.30 to 12.30 pm

• Obtain special game items and Mana Points by topping the player charts in the game (to earn bragging rights!), Interact with fellow gamers in the forums and chat about the latest game strategies or even post a game review, citing what you love or hate about the game.


• Vote for your favourite showgirls from the latest game shows and events. Who knows, you may just be invited to a special GamesMana gaming event to meet some of them very soon (

And the last but most important question will be, How to register?

It is as simple as ABC. Just follow the guideline below.


First, you go to You should be able to see this page.

Second, click on the top right corner (red arrow pointed as shown in the photo above): Free registration

Third, fill in the basic information such as username, password, email and country. Don’t worry,this website is worldwide.

Fourth, submit your registration form and you should receive an email from them.


Open your mailbox, find the email from them, then click on the link in the red column I drew. Then, you are now a member of !

For people who don’t understand Chinese, don’t worry. The English and Bahasa Indonesia version of GamesMana will also be coming soon, so, stay tuned!

Wait no more, register yourself in now! S3 and Wii U are waiting for you to bring them home~ Don’t forget to like their GamesMana Facebook page too <3




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