Thursday, September 27, 2012

Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest @ Hakka Restaurant


Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest is here again! I still remember there were so much fun last year hence this year I am not going to miss it either teehee.


You might be wondering what actually is “Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest 2012”. It  is presented by Carlsberg Malaysia to enable consumers to experience first-hand the authentic German beer drinking festival locally, which runs from September 26 to October 7. So you know what are you supposed to do? Check out the venue and join me in the next party!467677_434237633289376_1308916808_o

a keg was rolled out for the first “tapping” of beer as traditionally practiced at the centuries old Bavarian Oktoberfest in Munich to officiate the launch of “Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest 2012”.


This time the launch is very unique as it is held in a Hakka Restaurant. So we had our ice-cold beer with authentic Hakka food! Surprisingly they matched well! Guests were feted to a specially prepared Oktoberfest cuisine with a Malaysian twist that is the sweet and sour pork knuckle. Everyone loves it *yum*


One of the highlight of the party is the chicken dance! The music is so addictive it stucked in your head forever. and i just want to dance when I hear it!


I am surprise to see German Chef Jochern Kern did a demo cooking Oktoberfest platter named “Puten Geschnetzeltes Mit Spaetzle” and MD of Carlsberg Malaysia Soren Ravn and GM of Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd took the stage to make sausages on the spots with the help of 10 ravishing Miss Universe Malaysia Finalists 2013. Do you see this in normal party? No you don’t. But I get to see it here! It is really interesting201439_434242749955531_943223091_o

Another highlight  of the party is the authentic Umpapa band from Germany which made the party getting higher and higher.


Look who is performing ! Carlsberg Managing Director, Soren! I tell you, he can rap well :)


Beers available at Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest

Carlsberg (5% ABV/ alcohol), a lager beer founded by J.C. Jacobsen in 1847 and is an international beer originating from Denmark.

Erdinger Weissbier (5.3% ABV), pioneered in the 70′s, was the first German wheat to be distributed nationwide in Germany. Erdinger is brewed according to traditional recipes and has no preservatives, additives and pasteurization, complying with the Bavarian Purity Law 1516.

Franziskaner Weissbier (5% ABV), a traditional Bavarian wheat beer with more than 600 years of history, is refreshing and aromatic in character. This Bavarian beer is naturally cloudy and copper-coloured and enhanced with a sweet malt taste with a smooth creamy texture for finish.

Lowenbrau, (5.2% ABV), an original “German Munich Beer”, is famous at Oktoberfests. It is a lager beer that is refreshing with a taste of malt and mild hop bitterness. The beer is light to the taste, bright golden yellow in colour, and truly complements the Bavarian drinking experience.


Before I left, I checked my alcohol level. It is just a simple procedure and you can know if you are fit to drive home or not. Always remember to enjoy responsibly!


Had a small chat with one of the participant, Sherry randomly. She said she enjoy the party pretty much with the companion of her friends and this is really a different experience of party for her. I will say, yes this is something new for me too :)


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