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MHB’s 2nd Anniversary Party Presented by Carlsberg


Happy Birthday MHB! Time flies.. I have been joining MHB for one year plus since last year May. Get to know many blogger friends through this community, and also attended some events which is definitely a great experience for me. I grew mature throughout the year and I think I should thank MHb for making me to grow.

For people who don’t know, I am in this blogging community called Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers, aka MHB. This is a group of female lifestyle bloggers. Some people said: ‘What? This girl considered as HOT?’ I will always answer them: ‘Beauty is in the eye of beholder.’ Besides of appearance, the talents and potential in each of the lady are definitely what made them shine. I am glad to be part of the community, and still learning to be better.


September is MHB’s birthday month. Hence we had a celebration in Ecoba. That was a fun night filled with food in Ecoba restaurant & Bar, ice-cold Carlsberg, wonderful performance and not to forget great companion.



Do you like Carlsberg?


The girl on the right has really long hair!


Ecoba restaurant & Bar is quite a significant place for me. I attended my first MHB event which is the Hanger Spring/Summer 2011 Launch in this place. See how much have I changed over this 1 year. This marks the beginning of my journey in MHB as well. I still remember thats how I met Tim Chew who is also the founder of MHB and the other gorgeous ladies. This is really embarrassing but I can’t stop looking at Chantelle’s face as I think she has really unique and pretty feature! FYI, Chantelle Chuah is the Miss International 2012.



Ashley and Chelsea are performing for us! Ashley’s violin skill is superb and she is leaving Malaysia to further her studies on violin next year. I will definitely miss her :( Btw,this is my first time listening to Chelsea singing. She is soooooo sweeeeeet :*


Juliet’s of Eden is made out of MHB’s Sarah Low, Rachel Ng, Casey Wong, and Doreen. They are a new girl band and I think they did a very good job.

474096_425624574150682_757046385_o (1)

See how everyone was so concentrate on the performance. I was very concentrate also! just a little bit camera sensitive.. teehee.


This girl caught my attention so much. Her name is Doreen,one of the member of Juliets of Eden. I like her face,looks so cute like a doll yet have a tinge of coolness!

Had some good chat with the other girls.


Valerie, Jane and Ashley. All these gorgeous ladies.

614970_425617300818076_729441079_o (1)

Kelly and Louise. Haha they are so fun la. Never get bored when they are around.

335364_425619154151224_220470649_o (1)

With the sweetheart Chloe <3 Oh ya my peplum dress is from Mango.

ecoba restaurant & bar

ecoba is the ultimate neighborhood bar concept that brings dining, fashion, music and entertainment together earning itself, the undisputed reputation as being "The Sexiest Place in PJ". ecoba has both indoor and the al-fresco garden dining areas to cater to the individual’s preference while thirsty customers will definitely be happy with the many offers and reasonable prices especially during happy hours!


PJ Trade Centre, Menara Bata (ground floor),

8 Jalan PJU 8/8a,

Damansara Perdana,

Petaling Jaya,



Reservation line: +603-77101118

Look out for lots of exciting and upcoming events at



Carlsberg is an all malt lager brewed with a rich heritage and superior quality that goes all the way back to the year 1847 in Copenhagen, Denmark and is available in more than 140 markets globally while being Malaysia’s most preferred beer brand.

For the past 13 consecutive years, Carlsberg has won the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand Award, and its second consecutive Gold Award at the Putra Brand Awards in 2011 bearing testament to the credibility of its quality and the values it represents.

Carlsberg has evolved to exceed expectations and undertook a global brand revamp in 2011 whereby it redefined standards and evolved to become a bolder, more modern and more approachable brand.

Among the notable brands in Carlsberg Malaysia’s portfolio are Carlsberg, Asahi, Kronenbourg 1664, Hoegaarden, and Somersby cider.

That Calls for a Carlsberg -


Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers

Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers (MHB) was formed in August 2010 and is a very exclusive community of female bloggers. MHB’s bloggers consists of working professionals including radio DJs, entrepreneurs, managers, executives, models, MCs, students, and (remarkably) two psychologists, and Miss World Malaysia 2012.

Topics members blog about include fashion, beauty, gadgets, travel, food and beverage, social issues, relationships, and indeed everything about the members’ exciting lifestyles, and are widely regarded as opinion leaders.

If you’re a brand owner and would like to know how we can help to grow your brand, or if you are an aspiring female Malaysian blogger aged 18 and above who would like to be part of our exclusive community do drop us a line at

Follow MHB’s exploits at


414729_425624730817333_895807529_o (1)

I am posting just to complain about my sunburnt. I don’t know is this happen to you all as well, but look at my shoulder, that line has been there for 1 month and doesn’t fade! argh what should i do!!!

Anyway, I had a fun, chill night with MHB. Happy Birthday MHB once again!




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