Friday, September 14, 2012

Sick Cat in Hennessy Artistry, KWC

Hello lovely people, how’s your Friday night? It is going to be a long weekend. Where will you be to spend the weekend? More parties perhaps? :p

Not sure if you still remember I posted about Hennessy Artistry artists line-up , if you don’t you better read first!! Grr how can you forgot! hahaha ok la i sayang back. And yes, I attended this one of the most exciting party, Hennessy Artistry on 8 Sepetember in KWC eventhough I was sick wtf. Hennessy you see, I am your loyal fans leh even sick still go party with you hahahaha


Used a lot make up trying to cover my pale face. But actually it didn’t really help much.. Cause I was sneezing non-stop, tissue paper wiped most of my make up when I am cleaning myself wtf eh btw don’t you think my lips look weird. if not cause of the lips i think i am kinda chio 1 hahahaha kidding la

if you see carefully, you can still see the sunburnt line that I got when I went to Penyabong on my right shoulder.I purposely wear something that can cover it but didn’t know it still can be seen :(



Outfit of the night! Do you like the dress? I like my Forever 21 leopard prints heels <3

Had a hard time choosing what to wear. Need to cover the sunburnt and need to look slim as I think I put on weight after went back home eat home-cooked food for a few weeks, so difficult to pick a right outfit! Was constantly complaining ‘I got nothing to wear’ when I was turning my wardrobe upside down. I need new clothes new shoes new bags!


Kena Jason Chan said I very lansi that night. Didn’t know I actually really look so lansi when I am not smiling LOL. sorry la.

The following post will be full of photos. of myself. HAHAHAHA


haha no la myself and other friends I met that night. Looking hot as usual Ashley and cute Kah Mon. So coincidence Ashley and I wore red that night teehee



With Andy, Naomi, Ashley, Chelsea, Chloe and Tim

Chelsea’s face is so pretty like a doll! And she can sing well~


With more pretty ladies! Kelly, Casey, Chloe, Ashley and Louise. Love Casey’s dress! I want to get a Herve Leger too teehee no la wait til I become very very rich first. Anyone wants to donate money ar hahaha


With Isaac! Long time no see and he is going to be a daddy! So happy for him :)


When the party started, my hair started to get all sweaty and messy.


Benjamin! I think this photo is my nicest photo of the night cause I look like I am glowing like a fairy hahaha wtf


Then I just decided to tie my hair up. Rather my face look big than look messy and ugly. Luckily I did that, if not I am going to hide in some hole when I stand beside the pretty Nicole haha she so cute la


When the party ended. Everyone had fun that night :)


It has been 2 weeks and I am still sick.. Sore throat and flu :(

Hope I get well soon so can party more! teeheeee




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  1. Sick still go minum-minum, how to get well? Maybe that is your ubat lah.. Hennessy, your miracle cure? :D

  2. I love your striking red dress, it's matches the red Hennessy backdrop too :P Get well soon btw!

  3. Looks smoky hawt with your red dress. Me likey <3

  4. Loved your red dress Wilee! When should we hang out again?