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Miraku Japanese Restaurant, Paradigm Mall

If you are a fan of Japanese food, you are reading the right post.

Many thanks to Miraku Japanese Restaurant for inviting us to this very awesome food review. I have heard a lot of good comments about Miraku, and I can’t wait to try it! Miraku Japanese Restaurant opened its first outlet in Penang, and this time, they have come to PJ area! This is definitely a good news for us who stay in KL and PJ area and would love to try the authentic taste of Japanese cuisine.


Miraku located at the ground floor of Paradigm Mall, same floor as Starbucks. It has outdoor and indoor seating.


The Tatami corner



The appetiser. I like the seaweed very much. A tips for you all: must eat the whole plate together if you are using chopsticks. If not you will end up like me who gotta ask for spoon and fork or just pour the whole plate in. Oh but if you are excellent in using chopsticks, maybe you can try to pick it up one by one. Good luck hahaha


Dobin Mushi RM 18. The first time I had something similar was in Yuzu. But of course their taste are different. The taste here is more plain.


Soba Salad RM 13 (S). Soba is served in cold. Some people might not like it but I personally love it. Hence this dish is one of my favourite in Miraku now


Miraku Salad at RM 28 (S). Among the 3 salads served, this is the best. Salmon and salads just match so well with the right sauce.


Ontama Salmon Salad  RM 15 (S).


Sashimi Moriawase “Take” (3-4 pax) RM 140. This is definitely highlight of the day. The chef was preparing our sashimi :*


See! So much love <3 I love almost everything. It is quite fresh as Miraku airflew them in twice every week.


Dragon roll (RM13). The presentation do catch my attention at the first place. There are fried prawn in the middle and avocados on top.


Jikasei Tofu was priced at RM 16.00


Yaki Kaki PiriKara Miso for RM 26. Another love! One is the cheese type and another is spicy type. I love the cheese type! Can I have ten more?


Karei Kara-Age was priced at RM23. Deep fried fish is a perfect snacks for me


Sushi Moriawase Sakura (20pcs)8023210892_4230324b78

Wagyu Tataki  RM 69.90. Who loves wagyu beef? I do.


Sanma Shioyaki


Agedashi Potato  RM 20


Annin tofu (RM8). It has a very strong almond taste. If you love almond, you will love this dessert very much too.


Sweet Cheese Tofu RM10. Its texture is a mixture of cheese tofu. Hence you can expect a very smooth texture. It is kind of like yoghurt though. The berry jam matched pretty well with the cheese  tofu.


The Wasabi ice cream (RM10) have a very interesting taste. When you just put it into your mouth, it has a pretty strong Wasabi aroma but soon after it will turn to the spicy taste. So it is actually a mixture of spicy, sweet, Wasabi aroma and is cold. It is very hard to imagine this unique taste. You gotta try it *wink*  Some people love it, but I am not a fan of Wasabi.


Clockwise: Wilson, KahMon, Kelly, Yours truly, Chelsea, Louise

Nice food with great companion. What else should I ask for? :)

Miraku Japanese Restaurant, Paradigm Mall

GB02,  Ground Floor, Paradigm Mall

No 1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya

47301 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-78869931



Operating hours:

Monday to Thurs: 11.30 am to 3pm, 6pm to 8.30pm

Friday to Sunday: 12 pm to 11 pm




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  1. nice post, prices are a bit steep but the photos are so tempting :(