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Win Your Passes to the Party of the Year : Where’s The Party?




I’m writing this at 6.50 in the morning. So now you know how excited am I to share this news with all of you! And, you better love me more now.

The most exciting party of the year is back ! It is nonetheless, the famous Where’s The Party? by Carlsberg! I heard you screaming in excitement, so do I ! This time, Where’s The Party? going to be held on 10 November till 11 November, it is a by-invitation only 2 days 1 night trip. And the venue? Duhh! Thats the mysterious and fun part of it. This is the 3rd installation and I am sure it is going to be legen-wait for it-dary !

The main objective of Where’s The Party? is to give Carlsberg consumers the opportunity to step up to the challenge and create memorable, inspiring moments and unforgettable experiences. Even until now, I still keep thinking about  all the awesome moments I had during the last two Where’s The Party? with my friends. It was so much fun. Take a guess where’s the party this year? I am hoping it will be at the beach ^^

Recap for the last two parties in 2011. The first one in June 2011 was a bomb! Read my posts here. I was so so so super duper satisfied and happy with that party until I wrote 3 posts for it. You better finish reading all teehee. Sneak Peak, Golden Palm Resort, The secret location


Us MHBs ( with the gorgeous DJs from various countries during the press conference in the secret location ok la not secret anymore if you read my posts. Looking at this old photo, I am glad that I slimmed down in the past 1 year wtf. Anybody wants to know how I lose 7-8kgs in a year LOL


The second Where’s The Party? was on last November. Find out where is it here. My face was really a huge PAO. Wait, don’t tell me now still is? -_____-

Why I keep saying that the party is so super fun? Take a look at the photos below then you know the answer.



There are a lot of games that you can win yourself some really cool prize. I won a small beer tower from the first party teehee damn awesome ok


Besides, there are many performances and great DJ here. It was a non-stop party night which I enjoyed very much. And and and, this time you will get to party with guests from different countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore and of course us Malaysian! One more thing, you will enjoy the whole day long with ice-cold Carlsberg on hand :D

After saying so much, are you excited about the party? Do you want to enjoy this 2 days 1 night all expenses paid party?

Photo 3

To win passes to this exclusive event, head over to

You must get the most number of correct answers in the fastest possible time. The Facebook contest will run from 17 September to 21 October, with 375 lucky winners to walk away with invites and you can each bring one friend along. As simple as that. Just keep trying as practise makes perfect. You will score better in faster time each time. You might be the lucky one :)

Here am I to share this great news to you all if you aren’t aware of how to win your passes to the party. Sharing is caring! Maybe got good karma mah hahaha. So remember to share this post with your friends, then you all can go party together!

I hope I get the passes to go too *finger crossed* Or any of you that win the passes wants to bring me along *wink* teehee hope to see you there !

‘That Calls for a Carlsberg!’‛


Lots of love,


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