Thursday, November 15, 2012


It has been more than 2 months since I turned 20. I know this post is pretty late… What am I up to lately? September and October were my short semester, hence it was hella packed and busy. Just when you thought November and December I will be staying at home shaking my leg with snacks on hand, I am having my internship… I sincerely respect all the people who has a full time job which need to work 5 days a week from 8am-5pm. The first day I start my internship, when I just reached home after a long day, I just want to sleep. I guess I am still not used to it but I know I will! :)

Anyway I am having fun in POD Advisor, it is a whole new experience to me. I gained knowledge and at the same time know a lot of people who is so determined to reach their goal. This determination is something impressed me as me myself is never someone who is determined. When I thought I can’t do it, I will give up. But in these people, I realize miracle always happen if you are determined enough. Hard work will pay off. I really appreciate to be in this kind of environment where everyone is very motivated to achieve what they want, plus willing to share with you their knowledge and experience. Yesterday was my 7th day of work only, so I wish I will continue to feel this way till the last day of my internship :p

As I said I was busy during short semester in September and unfortunately my birthday falls in this month. Did I mention that that day was a Monday? Oh well… I am not that kind of person who celebrates myself to grow one year older, but I have a little surprise from my friends which I am pretty touched :)


Two days after my birthday, Andy asked me for dinner. He said want to treat me a birthday dinner. Then we went to Yuzu. Before we entered Yuzu, I find it weird that he kept looking around and asked me to go here and there to see things. But I didn’t think much afterthat


Yuzu is a great place. My first time here, and totally love it.


The set meal I ordered is only 30++ if not mistaken




After an hour or so, we finished the dinner and were just sitting there chatting. And then suddenly, I saw someone familiar appeared O.O guess who is that!


I am pretty sure my expression when saw her that time was priceless. Hahaha so happy that Jane showed up! And then only I knew that she is supposed to reach one hour ago but she was lost LOL


Now I felt so regret for not dolling up everytime I went out =.=

Afterthat we went for dessert. Then guess who I saw in the shop! At first I innocently thought is coincidence. How stupid can I be hahahaha


Shirley !


And the cake that Jane brought. So cute right


It was a simple but really thoughtful dinner. Appreciate it so much :)




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