Friday, November 23, 2012

Where’s The Party? 2012


Last 2 weeks I am honoured to join the most epic party of the year- Where’s The Party? 2012 which held in Penang by Carlsberg. I have been talking about this party for weeks before it just because I was so super duper excited about it! Not only curious about the secret location, and also I am excited that I am going for a trip with my MHB babes :)


This is the 3rd instalment and all of us can’t wait for the secret venue to be disclosed. We have heard rumours saying that it is going to be a beach party so we brought our bikini along hehehe


Tim decided to drive up to the meeting point in Penang with Chelsea, Ashley and Aivee in a Honda Stream RSZ which is a stylish and fuel efficient 7-seater MPV.


While us went there by bus. It was a great time catching up with friends especially for people like me who MIA in events for very long. Haha yes we just squeezed in 2 seats and chat ^^


After hours of journey, we finally reached the secret location!!! Guess where is it? The answer is the Hard Rock Hotel, Penang. Oh yeaaa I am going to party in Hard Rock Hotel!!! But we were staying in Bayview BEach Resort which is just next to Hard Rock

What attracts me is also the international artistes, fun games, and ice cold Carlsberg beer with 1,200 guests from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore partying the shores of Hard Rock Hotel Penang’s beachfront.


lovely roommate, Sarah <3


We were then proceed to the press conference. I was amazed that Carlsberg actually arranged their consumers flying in to Penang for the party from Singapore and Hong Kong! Meaning to say I might have chance to meet some hot Hongkies in the party later at night heee

The artists line-up was interesting and I just can’t wait to party party party!


MHB! I dont know which party will provide this wonderful chance letting all of us to travel and party together. But I know Where’s The Party do :) And it is always the most epic party!


Before the party gets real started, we went to grab the dinner. Everything is along the beach. Carlsberg have set up the food stalls behind. There’re varieties of food but I have a small stomach hence didn’t get to try all of them.. Knowing we won’t have time to explore the awesome local food in Penang, Carlsberg is being very thoughtful by setting up stalls like Char Kuey Tiaw and fried oysters here! Ahhhh I am craving for it right naoooooo

Remember to have some food before drinking so you won’t get drunk so easily. Drink responsibly so can enjoy the night to the max ^^


Love Cubic dancers from Korea. I can see how guys get extra extra excited when watching their performance. They are HAWT!


R&B and hip-hop diva Kelis! The pop music with hits that flowed like a DJ set made all of us gone crazyyyy


DJ Mayumi


This is pretty much like a concert+beach party where thousands of people having fun together. I really enjoy beach party so much. Why? I can walk around with slippers and casual clothes plus ice cold Carlsberg on hand when partying, what else can I ask for? Hahaha no more enduring pain from heels and uncomfortable feeling of wearing tight clothes. Everything is just so right. I many new friends that night, and some are from Hong Kong and Singapore!


Happy people all around! When the famous Gangnam Style is played, everyone started dancing like PSY! Hahahaha it was so cute!


What is a beach party if there is no girls with bikini? Yes yes I know what you guys are thinking… Pretty girls all around making me want to lose my fats so much hahaha I will ok. Maybe next year…


After the party, all of us went back to the nice hotel to have a good rest. The next day morning we departed from Penang back to KL. It was nice meeting the famous blogger, Chuckei and MHB is honoured to have her in the photo. Just a small note, she is not in any way related to MHB.

Thank You Carlsberg for the wonderful party! I am looking forward to the next Where’s The Party? already! How about you?




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