Monday, December 3, 2012

Samsung NX210: Premium Metal Design

As you all know, I have this new baby for one month plus already. So far I’m loving it. Whenever I took it out form my bag, people get impressed and always ask about it. It looks like a mini version of DSLR and it does make me feel a little bit more pro when taking photos hahaha. I always believe that one’s taste reflects one’s personality. Hence having a nice solid classy camera definitely can carry you well.


The NX210 packs the power of a professional-grade digital camera within a sleek and compact design. Its ergonomically crafted exterior fits perfectly within your hand, while the topside design feels solid and looks just as sturdy. The NX System gets its charming good looks through the perfect combination of modern metallic styling and classic clean lines. On the inside, the large CMOS Sensor replaces any mirrors for a smaller camera body. The lightweight body makes it more portable and easier to shoot in a variety of angles and positions, making it the ultimate professional-grade camera that you can carry in your pocket


The hand grip on the right side of camera allows me to hold on it easily. I am pretty impressed when I hold it and it is just so handy.


The 18-55mm lens


I personally love the metal design very much. It feels solid yet the design is stylish. Comparing to other DSLR, it is considered lighter. And that is also why it has been a ‘must-bring-item’ in my handbag now :)

Read more about the other features here: Instant Sharing via wifi  and  20.3MP




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