Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let’s Meet Up After Class at Al-Amar Express!

Hello my love <3


This semester I undergo too much stress that I think I am not handling well. Just done 2 tests today and I didn’t do very well. Made careless mistakes and screwed up the paper. I cried after passed up the paper. Yes, that bad. The fear of losing my scholarship is so huge till I can’t breathe. Everytime when I was studying for test next day, I will definitely cry. I never feel that stressful before. Guess I have to make some mental prepare after screwing up the test. Sigh. Friends has been asking me to relax once in a while but I think I can’t afford to lose any extra time now. 2 more tests next week and having 5 final final papers in 3 days. I don’t know why UCSI so smart to make the exam timetable like that. Looking at the exam timetable is stressful enough. I'm sorry that I have been ranting a lot in blog or Twitter. I need some way to release the anger/stress.

So, last Wednesday Andy brought me to this place which at first I didn’t plan to go. But I was glad to go because I get to meet friends who long time din meet and also my sweethearts <3


The Al-Amar Express is located at the sidewalk of Jalan Bukit Bintang, right in front of main entrance of Fahrenheit 88 shopping mall. Nearby there got Pavilion, Lot 10, Sungei Wang and Berjaya Times Square.  Been noticed it for quite a while but I never enter as I heard that Al-Amar is kinda pricey although the food is great.



Met my lovely girls <3 Great catching up with them !

Al-Amar Express is targeting working people so that they can meet up after work and here comes the name Let’s Meet Up After Work ! But for me since I am a student so I think I should say Let’s Meet Up After Class !


This place is very cosy as it is facing the Jalan Bukit Bintang so you can have some night view. The colour of interior came in a soft soothing shades of cream and beige with wooden floor, not to forget touches of Al-Amar’s signature stamp of red.

Ok let me show you what do they have


Shisha! Do you like it? Many people like it as it has a fruity taste. Al-Amar Express offers many flavour such as apple, lemon, grapes, rose, mint and more. It is RM38. Not a person who are into shisha so I just watched only… But I think Chelsea looking great even when she shisha!


The bartender made this for me awww <3 I requested for something sweet and he made this. I asked him what does it called and he just smile and say he made it on the spot for me so doesn’t have any name. It tastes really good! A lady drink :)


Double shot of something. LOL can’t remember the name. By the way I love the blusher I tried! What do you think? It is from Make Up For Ever.

Besides Shisha,wine and drinks, of course there are some food here.


Desserts such as Tiramise


I dont know what is this but it tastes like cheesecake with strawberry and it is freaking good !


Some proper filling food such Lebanese bread sandwiches, small pastries and burger

not a bread type of person but these food goes very well with wine :)

Price range of food,wines and drinks from RM8 to 28

Shisha is RM38

Check out their website :

Telephone: 03-21413814

Current addiction :

Her songs accompanied me countless sleepless stressful night.




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Saturday, March 17, 2012





(64x46-B) LOVE-0203



     宜珈(陳意涵 飾)認為自己就像她在大學自行車隊中擔任為主將擋風、在最後衝刺階段退下讓主將衝破終點線的前導副手一樣,沒個性,沒特色,樣樣比不上美術系的好友小霓(郭采潔 飾)。小霓來自富裕的家庭,聰明、漂亮、有主見又有才華,是眾人注目的焦點,但說話犀利不加修飾,常傷人不自知。小霓的男友阿凱(彭于晏 飾)靠拍攝喪禮影片養自己的電影社團,夢想有天能成為一名偉大的導演,但他這夢想常被旁人嘲笑,沒人看好,只有小霓支持。三人原本和樂穩定的友誼,在宜珈發現自己懷孕後,起了巨大震盪。
    馬克(趙又廷 飾),一個年輕帥氣又多金的企業家,對女人抱持著『只要征服就好』的態度,『不去擁有,就不用想念』,是他看似冷漠瀟灑,實為害怕受傷的感情觀。潔癖的馬克打算在北京買間四合院,遇見了不修邊幅的房屋仲介小葉(趙薇 飾),兩人因意外鬧上警局,不歡而散後竟又在滿族聚會上碰頭。隨著馬克搞丟小葉的兒子,瘋狂荒謬又溫暖動人的兩人故事因此開展。小葉身上散發的氣味,像大太陽底下的草地,那麼天然堅韌,又充滿生命力,馬克生平第一次意識到自己,對人,產生了關懷。
    在媒體和社會大眾眼裡,陸平(鈕承澤 飾)和柔伊(舒淇 飾)的關係,就是所謂的富商包養名媛,茶餘飯後的娛樂消遣,沒人認真看待,包括陸平自己。柔伊遇見了口吃宅男小寬(阮經天 飾),從他身上看到平凡甚至帶著缺陷的美好,她開始對自己有了不同的期待,也許她的人生除了像米蟲一樣依附著男人過活外,還有別的可能性。柔伊變了,他也許會失去她,陸平這才發現,那些靠名利成就堆砌起來的完美生活,空虛得不堪一擊。
    小霓切斷與阿凱的感情,與宜珈的友誼,她以為自己堅強、沒事,但心底卻醞釀著同歸於盡的念頭… ;堅持不談感情的馬克被這個對他怒吼〝我是打從心底討厭你!〞的瘋狂女人小葉攻破心防,開始假扮起小葉兒子的爸爸,走進這個家庭… ;看似自閉沉靜的小寬,在妹妹宜珈對生命產生疑惑時,展現了前所未有的勇氣,當他懷著這份勇氣,決定為自己的感情負起責任來時,柔伊卻斷了音訊…














就算不是最好的,这世上总会有个人懂得欣赏你,爱护你。就看你愿意踏出第一步吗? 能清楚知道心理最爱的是那个人也是种福气。认识太多在感情中浮浮沉沉,不知道自己要的是什么,为了想爱而爱。伤人又伤己。




它时长127分钟,记得带纸巾:D 放心,不会介绍错的Smile with tongue out




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Monday, March 12, 2012

Laura’s Lingerie

What came into your mind when you think of ‘Lingerie’ ? Soft romantic colour silky cloth with some sexy lace?

Let me show you Laura Mercier’s Lingerie.


Before that, take a look at what is Laura Mercier : Products+Makeover and Portofino Collection.

Laura’s inspiration for 2012 draws from her background as a fine art painter and focuses on the mood and attitude of women through different art periods. For Spring 2012, she focuses on the soft romantic colours and fabrics of the Victorian Age. Her collection is a modern interpretation of this feminine era, showcasing a palette of colours inspired by Boudoir vintage lingerie: lace, linen, silks, and petticoats.

It is pretty new that using lingerie as a theme in cosmetics. Most of the people thought they have own range of lingerie when they saw the theme


Laura Mercier wants to create a feminine romantic look which has ultra-feminine lips and cheeks are in shades of warm corals and modern peaches while eyes are alluring in neutral browns and taupe greys.


Was glad to be in the grand launch of Laura Mercier’s outlet in Sunway Pyramid. Share with me your moments and experience with Laura Mercier Smile

Have fun in your lingerie Winking smile




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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pretty please?

If you want to see Wilee looking all fat and ugly, you are reading the right post.

Can I ask a favour from you, pretty please?

Recently I joined a video competition called BizVid, organised by my uni, UCSI University. And I need your help to get to the next stage! Please watch the video and click ‘like’ , ok?

Don’t laugh at me. Zzzzz


There are some friends/readers asking me why am I not updating as often as last time. I am really sorry about it T.T My schedule is really full, all cause of my studies. Taking 5 subject, 19 credit hours in a semester is really tough for me.. Have no time for anything else le sigh BUT I can’t wait to finish my final exam! After 13 April I will be FREEEEEEEEEE !! :D

Just to share something with you today.


OMG LOOK AT THIS OK DONT SAY I KNOW IS FREAKING AWESOME!!! Josephine saw this in Adelaide and thought I got some secret valentine over there hahahaha. I want this on my future cool sports car *dream*



Guess I never introduce my new family member : Lala the blue puppy

Reason of the name is it is blue, so I thought of smurf, then thought of the Lalalalalala Sing A Happy Song~ Hence the name Lala. LOL I just cant think of any smarter name fml

A little bit upset recently also cause my hamster ignore me. Dont sayang me anymore :(

I will update soon k ! Gonna attend a cosmetic event tomorrow hehehehe and I cant wait to share with you all!




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Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Cloud :3

Hey girls, do you do your nail art by yourself? I like to play it around with different colour and design cause it feels really good to see my own nails are nicely painted. Mood will eventually turn better as well. But I always have a problem as I am right-handed, I cant control the brush nicely using left hand. So, it will be fun if you can get your boyfriend / good friends to help you with it. Can spend some time together and I tell you is really have lots of fun !

Last 2 weeks I did this according to the tutorial and this is the result !


A bit messy but I personally think was pretty good for the first time hehehehe

for full tutorial read here :


About 3 days later, Shirley came over to my place and we decided to play with nail polish again. It is always nice to have a close girl friend :3 We can exchange clothes/nail polish/girls’ stuff, shopping together, chat till late night, and and help each other to paint the nails! :D


So these 2 are the one I will be using. Both are belong to Shirley and we just want to try if the result is good cause the Gold one is newly bought. The Sasa cracked nails and Skin Food red nail polish. I am expecting some pretty good result…


But it turned out not that nice ! I love the Skin Food red colour  on me as it makes me feel so fair but the gold Sasa cracked nail polish is not working well!! It doesn’t cracked nicely as you can see above. So my advice is don’t buy from there k ? Shirley bought it cause she thought Sasa’s products should be good and Sasa doesn’t have tester in the shop.

We were thinking if our technique of using it is wrong.. Anyone kind enough to tell me? I thought is just apply it like the normal nail polish then it will automatically cracked later.

Btw, this is so CNY theme right? HAHA


Been away for quite a while. Been busy. Having a tough week. Housemate throwing me out from the house on Wed of a selfish reason but I can’t do anything since I don’t have a contract with them, so I have to look for room, and I am moving into the new room tomorrow. I fell sick now, can’t even attend a test on Wednesday. I hope I can retake the test with the MC.  Tomorrow morning I have another Mid Term test. Afterthat have to move house. This time really sick. My voice is so coarse now, friend even thought they called the wrong number. Room, tests, assignments, class, packing, sick.

I really thank to all of my friends who showed me care, love and offer help when I need it. Appreciate that very much. Without my friends, how am I going to live alone in KL? Love you all this much ! * open arms wide wide* :)

End the post with a super adorable video!




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