Friday, April 27, 2012

Hennessy XO Appreciation Grows April 2012

A short update is still an update, what’s more I know you will still love me no matter what. Right? *grin*

I find holidays is boring but I rather to be bored than go back for classes. After my exam I stayed in KL for a week more for this Hennessy XO Appreciation Grows April 2012 featuring Chef Edward Lee, a James Beard finalist for Best Chef and winner of the American Iron Chef, among many other accolades which starting from 18 April to 21 April in Equatorial Hotel.

I am not the guest… sadly. But I do wish one day I can get the invite and attend the dinner as a guest. One day… one day.

Too lazy to show u around the whole event but just photos of myself, ok? 4 different days in 4 different outfits but same background HAHAHA

Day 1


Thank you Spiel for the photo. I didn’t know the theme is Black and White, and yet I wore such a colourful dress. In case you are wondering, yes it is a scarf Open-mouthed smile


In my work place. The place is freezing cold as I got all the air cond by myself. Work is fine. And note to self to bring some snacks and a jacket the next day. Had Ngau Kee beef noodles as supper! *happy girl*

Day 2


Hair looks weird but I don’t know why. Thanks Andy for the photo :)


The super nice chef suddenly brought 2 plates of dessert for me and Spiel ! So happy I wanna die ! And guess what? Spiel doesn’t like it so I had both of them myself HAHAHAHA. It contains chocolate, coffee and Hennessy. It tastes a little bit bitter but nice. Supper time is Bak Kut Teh at Jalan Chow Kit (I think) hehe


Day 3


Almost bare-face as it is taken before I went home :/ I have this very bad habit to touch my face n wipe off eye shadow when I think it looks a bit smudge and ended up looking ugly.


This is me when just reached the work place. See how much difference! *stab self* Shawn brought a lot a lot of steak and duck to us. And we were so full. Not to forget I ate a packet of chips with a little bit of Hennessy also. Ahhh life hahaha


Meet Sam Tan . Met Timothy Tiah as well but photo is not with me. Very nice of them to come visit me behind the photo wall… hahaha


Posting this just because I want to show u Andy’s pink tie. hahaha

Day 4

Andy flew off to Singapore for Johnnie Walker Jet Black Singapore. So Jonathan was here on day 4! Btw I think Andy did a good job for Johnnie Walker Sg. Saw the photos posted yesterday, and they are all awesome shots. Can check it out :)


Meet Shawn Chen, owner of Talents World Management.


Thank you Jonathan for the photos :) Should check out his site as he took beautiful photos around the world


Had chips again and…


Finally the complete dish of the main dish *shed tears* The beef is nicely cooked with aroma of curry~

Finished 4 days of work! Love working for them as they are all nice people <3




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Friday, April 20, 2012

Where is the New 3S Hyundai showroom in town?

Aloha people ! I know I have been MIA for quite a while… But I am back! for now…
Anyway I have got some interesting news to share with you all. Who own a Hyundai cars here? Put your hands up~ Hyundai has been known as a classy yet high quality brand in the industry. Recently they had just opened a new 3S Hyundai showroom, Sutera Gemilang Auto Sdn Bhd in conjunction of New Hyundai Elantra on April 6-8.
Sutera Gemilang is the largest 3S center in Shah Alam with total land size of 31,500sq feet. To be honest, I was very curious what does 3S means before this showroom opened *shame on self* Actually, 3S stands for Sales, Service and Spare Parts for Hyundai and Inokom cars. You can said it out proudly if your friends ask about this next time wtf
The new Elantra look pretty classy isn’t it?
I think people who read till this part will feel like throwing shoes to me as I was asking where is the showroom but I am showing photos of the Elantra hehehe. Guess the car owners will be more concerned about the showroom instead now :p Wait no more, let me show you some photos of the grand launch of the showroom.
There was a food party feast with beverages on 6 April evening.
I always think that the launch must be good so it shows a good starting of a business. And I think Sutera Gemilang did pretty well this time. Have you seen blue lion dance before !!!!! I never see blue lion in my life u know!!!!
The ribbon ceremony.
From the left: Mr Lau Yit Mun (managing director of Hyundai Sime Darby Motors), Mr Sunny Quek (chairman of Sutera Gemilang Auto Sdn Bhd), Mr Zoon Kim (deputy general manager of Asia and Pacific Regional Headquarters, Hyundai Motor Company.
A pretty spacious and neat-looking showroom. I prefer this kind than those fancy kind. It makes me feel honest wtf I’m pretty sure I talk more crap than before.
Facilities that Sutera Gemilang offers:-
- Coffee bar
- premier customer lounge with TV and computers to online
- Background glass for customer viewing while car in service
- Free wifi
- Kids area for children
- Comfortable ambiance
- Working area for customers to work while waiting for their car to service
- Ample car park with around 20 car park lot for customers
- Offers 9 service bays and able to accommodate up to 32 cars to service in a day
In conjuction of their grand launch, they have some promotion to thank everyone for their support all this while. The current promotion is Discount on labour and parts up to 10% and free car wash  !
They also planned to have a drop off key where customer could drop off their car during off working hours for quick service. How thoughtful are they! *blow kisses*
For u car lover out there, allow me to present you the sexy Elantra.
I know some friends get so excited just by looking at engine… But sorry I totally can’t understand the beauty of it =.= I only care about the appearance wtf *shallow-minded*
So what are you waiting for? If you are planning to get a Hyundai car or need a place to service your car, you know where you should go now. Head over to there to take a look at the new Elantra as well. Who knows you might fall in love with it <3
Operating hour:-
9am-8pm on weekdays
10am-6pm on weekends and public holidays
(open 7 days in a week including service)
Sales no: 03- 7832 4888 / 7832 4444
Sales fax: 03- 7832 4222
Service no: 03- 7832 4333/ 7832 4555
Service fax: 03- 7832 4999
Lot 7960, Jalan Bukit Cerakah, Seksyen U6, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
Our official website :
Facebook page:

Lotsa love,
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Coffee or Tea? Glenmorangie.

Still updating although nobody is reading but guess one day someone will read this? Last Friday went to Glenmorangie night in the simplest outfit, without knowing the the theme is orange zzz

Went there plainly to drink. and Glenmorangie didn’t disappoint me :) 


Leopard hairbow from Chamelon

Dress from Padini

Leopard heels from Forever 21

Leggings from Japan


Since is just another chill out night, think I shall just post some photos. That event was boring but the venue which is The Pool is pretty good. As the name mentioned, it has pool inside! Kinda love that place.


Zana is the model that night and I nearly can’t recognize her with this outfit and wig ! Hope one day I can try something different like that too


Met Timothy Tiah and Audrey Ooi. Audrey so pretty and cute ! Congratulations again as they are getting married soon :)


With MHB. Lovely girls right? :)


and ah bok who said i become slimmer!! super love <3

fun night. lets go out and have a drink soon :)