Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jang Won Koren BBQ Restaurant

Was back to JB two weeks back and here am I hunting for good food again ^^ This time I went to a Korean Restaurant which highly recommended by my little sister with my family. I love Korean BBQ so I have very high expectation towards this restaurant after listening to all the good words my little sister said.


This restaurant is located in Stulang Laut. It is in the same building with Mu Chuan Music Cafe (木船), above a Malay mamak restaurant. Full address as below:

Jang Won Restaurant
K1-211 2nd Floor, Block C,
Komplexs Perniagaan Stuland Laut,
80300 Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel: 07-226 6820

So we walked upstairs and totally surprise to see the place. It has two parts which is outdoor or indoor. The indoor has aircond but if you want to smoke you probably prefer outdoor.


The indoor part is pretty small but comfortable. It smells less oily than outdoor too.


Our pick of the day is this course which serves 3-4 people. It consists of Korean-Style Bacon, Mix sirloin beef, grilled spareribs and mix kimchi, sausage hot pot. We also added a hot pot mix rice. We thought the set is not enough for us. But we were so wrong !


Take picture while waiting teehee

Food was served very fast although the whole restaurant was full. Drinks is provided. I think that is some rice tea which taste a bit like what we get in Sakae Sushi.


Let me introduce, this is my little sister. She just anyhow want to show her face in every picture I took haha. Look at picture above, the centre BBQ part, below it is charcoal. I believe thats why it smells so good.


This is the first to serve which is Korean style bacon. Yes, this BIG. Look at all the oil layer and imagine it melts in your mouth e.e


The worker will help to cut the bacon into pieces and same goes to every other meat served. During the first dish, we were still like ok, not bad still can eat somemore.


My way of eating it is to wrap the bacon with the vege and add some side dish on it. Not sure if is correct..What’s your way of eating?


Mix sirloin beef. At this point, we started to feel full.


But we have one more grilled spareribs! So much! We consume too much meat in a night. You might be thinking what? Only these? I might not even feel full !


Steamed egg is inclusive in the course. This tastes so good! The smoothness and sweet taste of egg.. oh jeez

The cause of making us feel super duper full is this


The mix kimchi, sausage hot pot !!! My sister loves this. But I think it is quite spicy.


It is continuously heating up and you can turn it off anytime you want.


It has tofu, kimchi, sausage, tteok and some vegetables. Smells great and taste good too. But I still think it is too spicy for me.


The bibimbap RM22

My dad says this is good but I added too much sauce so make it too sweet. Haha is my fault la cause they gave a plate of sauce and I requested one more plate. Remember to mix the egg with rice before it was cooked ! My sister likes it that way because she doesn’t like the egg yolk when it is cooked hahaha


With mummy <3


After paying, you can scoop your own ice cream. One person can get one only. I see some people scoop really a lot of ice cream but we were just too full to eat anymore.

The course we chose is RM130 + Bibimbap RM22 + 10% government tax = RM167.20

if  you come from Monday to Friday 12pm to 4pm, you can enjoy a 10% discount here. Meaning you don't have to pay for the service tax/ government tax. But this applicable if you paying using cash only. For stingy people like me, I always feel reluctant to pay for the extra charges :p

With the amount we ordered, it has no problem if add one more person. I think is pretty reasonable price with the amount of quality of food they served. The service is fast and I see so many Koreans come here to have dinner ! It feels really good listening to Korean customers talking to the Korean boss in Korean although I don’t understand^^

Btw the Korean cashier which I believe is the son of the boss or family of the boss looks so cute Open-mouthed smile

Definitely going there again if craving for some authentic Korean food!




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Friday, June 15, 2012

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Dear diary,

Here is me again after so long. I think you knew that I am in a low mood today as I will only find you when feeling upset. I forgot since when I have stopped writing, and even stop blogging about myself. I shouldn’t be upset since I didn’t work hard enough at the beginning. It is useless to regret now. But I can’t help to feel so. There are so many things need to settle soon. I feel a little bit useless and frustrated. Being alone in the room sometimes made me feel lonely and left out, but sometimes I don’t like going out also. Is that normal or is just me?

I have talked to mummy, and I feel even guiltier. Perhaps I will feel better if she scolded me. But she didn’t. I don’t know about the others, but I love my family more after I left home to KL. They are always there for me no matter what happened. I am grateful in this way. Just I hate myself that I can’t do anything for them while they did everything for me.

I don’t have any philosophy or any wise words. I just want to advice everyone to cherish everything or everyone you have now. Don’t regret only when you lose it. Just like me.


One random photo when I was waiting for my favourite Mickey to turn to my side so that I can take a photo with it. Don’t life is like this too? You are always waiting for the right time to do the right thing. But what we don’t know is the perfect timing will not always occur. What we can do is keep trying instead of waiting for the so-called perfect timing.

Talking about Mickey,it reminded me of a close friend of mine. She used to call me Mickey. How sweet. Have not been seeing her for around 3 years plus, and last month bumped into her when I was having lunch with Monkey Yang. The moment I saw her I felt like OMG THATS MY SWEETHEART. But at the same time I feel so far from her. We have not been contacting for so many years. The only time we talked to each other is only during each others’ birthday. And that is not even a conversation. We stayed in different place, have different circle of friends and don’t have the effort to maintain the friendship. Maybe she has her reason, but somehow I still feel sad. We were once very close friends, but now we are like the other Hi-Bye friends.

I have a hamster now. Is a girl and I love her very much. She accompanied days and nights when I am alone at home. I love playing with her. Yuanyuan is good. She is getting fatter. Perhaps you want to see a photo of her. Don’t die of cuteness alright. Here you go.


Today is a short one. I am all fine. Don’t worry. :)

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss





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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chilling time @ Chilla Cup, Setia Walk


No I’m not wearing coloured lens :)

Ahh it has been a while. I am trying very hard not to abandon this space so you must give me your support alright? Today my recommendation is a cafe in a new mall in Puchong that is ChillaCup in SetiaWalk. It is not hard to notice ChillaCup in SetiaWalk. It is located a few shops next to Starbucks.

If you wonder where is it, you can check out the map here.


Chilla Cup is a cafe located in SetiaWalk. It looks cosy and is just a perfect place for tea time. It is a rebrand and as you can see from the logo itself, it is a signal of  love. Why don’t you bring your loved one come over for a coffee? :)



Not a big shop but bright, cosy and warm.In fact I like this kind of feeling.



There is this corner that I like. Classy yet comfy. I feel like I can spend one whole afternoon there reading while enjoying my drinks. The drinks here are awesome! I will talk about the drinks I love later.



Do you feel love now?

ChillaCup’s signature is Arabica coffee. The Arabica is planted at the top of the mountain. The coffee bean they used is the AAA grade. In ChillaCup, they use a different way of roasting which is Artisan roasting. They will only roast 15kg each time. This can ensure the quality of the coffee bean and of course, the high quality of the coffee that you get to enjoy here. 



  1. americano : RM6.50 (regular)
  2. latte : RM9.50(regular)

Lets take a look at the main course. This cafe doesn’t only serve snacks and drinks, it serves main course too.


Dory fish with sour cream spaghetti : RM16.90

Probably my favourite main course of the day. Love the creamy sauce and the taste of dory fish.


Pepperoni tortillas : RM13.90


Hawaii tortilla  : RM12.90

Tortilla is one of their signature also. You can try them out. They taste not bad too.


caramel almond pretzel : RM7.50

plain pretzel RM5.90

Some other bloggers really love this very much. It comes with the caramel sauce, then you can dipped the pretzel in it. But to be honest, I don’t really fancy this. I find the taste doesn’t really suit me. I would prefer the sauce to be sweeter.



smoothies selection: mango, strawberry,blueberry, passion fruit and raspberry @RM12.00 (regular)

If you go to the shop and you do not drink coffee (just like me), I suggest you to try their smoothies. OMG I TELL YOU THE MANGO SMOOTHIES IS GOOD. real good. I believe they use fresh fruits to blend, because the taste is so original and I simply love it.


With my pretty dear Coco. Some people say we do look alike and sometimes even myself thought so too when looking at some photos wtf


fish and chips : RM16.90

Taste average, would prefer the fish to be fried till crunchier.


caramel butter thick toast : RM8.50

I like this ! It will satisfy your sweet tooth but I suggest you to share it with your friends or family because this is high calories ya.


Oh see who I met that day

By the way Chilla Cup is having their June promotion. Is not too late to go there now!



Selection of Chicken burger/Seafood Spaghetti/Cheesy Macaroni at a price of RM14.90.  It comes with a free drink of honey lime/americano/gourmet tea. It is available to upgrade to latte/cappuccino with additional RM3. Take note that the promotion is only from Monday – Friday. 12noon - 2pm. excluding holiday.


By the way SetiaWalk is a very beautiful place! It has many different kind of restaurant and cafe such as Wong Kok, The Beer Factory and Starbucks, and also got boutique and music school. I believe there will be more shops opening soon. So, if you are free you can go there and check it out or just go there to take photos just like me LOL


Beautiful place. I just use the Canon S95 to take this. And I think is very pretty.


I hope SetiaWalk can forever be this clean and beautiful. I will definitely come back again. Don’t forget to go ChillaCup to have a drink !




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Thursday, June 7, 2012

About Hennessy V.S.O.P. New Bottle

Legends are shaped over time. The legend of Hennessy V.S.O.P. began on 7 October 1817, when the future King George IV of England asked the great French cognac House to supply him with a special cognac described in the records with the words “Very Superior Old Pale”.

This cognac’s personality has gone unchanged for nearly two centuries. Under the stewardship of Hennessy’s cellar master, the Tasting Committee hands down the secrets of selection, ageing and blending, as can be seen in the use, for maturation, of oak barrels that have lost part of their tannin, so as to avoid giving the eau de vie excessively woody notes while providing an elegant expression. Naturally, such an iconic cognac should be presented in a bottle whose curves signify the elegance and generosity of its content, as well as its balance and exceptional harmony and designer Chris Bangle has been tasked with moving the design of the Hennessy V.S.O.P. bottle forward.


Take a look to know more about the new bottle design

As I mentioned in the previous post, I attended the launching of the new bottle and I am so honoured to meet the designer itself. Read more about it here

CB Video Still 1

Christopher Edward "Chris" Bangle is an American automobile designer known for his daring design and far-reaching influence. Bangle is known best for his work as Chief of Design for BMW Group, where he was responsible for the BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce motor cars from 1992 to 2006.

The Hennessy V.S.O.P new carafe is his first masterpiece outside the automobile industry. For Hennessy V.S.O.P., the designer first sought to identify the cognac’s personality by delving into its history. For him, a product cannot be summed up by a function or an aesthetic: a product is living thing.

CB Video Still 3

Slightly accentuated the curve in the side of the bottle, reinforcing the dynamic of its silhouette (by less than 1 millimetre). Inspired by the Hennessy V.S.O.P. bottle created in 1954, Chris Bangle chose to confirm this upward movement with a thicker base resembling a pedestal to distinguish the whole and stabilise it. He also added a hollow bottom to the bottle to adapt it for handling, lengthened the bottle’s neck and straightened its shoulders, stretching it vertically.

In addition, he drew two lines of perspectives in the glass around the central label, creating an optical effect by structuring the front of the bottle with a pyramid perspective (a reminder of the notion of uplift, dear to V.S.O.P.) Actually, this geometry attracts one’s regard toward the top of the bottle, where Chris Bangle chose to engrave the legendary arm and axe of the Hennessy family into the glass itself.

CB Video Still 4

Revised the choice of paper and colours for the labels: a few millimetres from the arm and axe, the symbolic Hennessy V.S.O.P. oval is coloured in a dark grey ennobled with golden embossing, a reminder of the alchemy of contrasts comprising it. The main label highlights this refinement with a shimmering gloss imprinted with clusters of grapes and vine leaves in the background as a subliminal reminder of the origins of the cognac contained in the bottle.

03 Hennessy V.S.O.P.  Packaging .jpg

The box that the bottle comes in has also benefited from this renewal, giving its edges over to a more modern vision: the sides have been refined so that all we see is the bottle, dramatised by photographer Adam Savitch. The “Superior” quality of the cognac is evoked by the liquid splash of V.S.O.P. on the back of the bottle, a reminder of the curves of an “S”.

Lastly, one side of the box, called “Black Tie”, glorifies elegant purity on a black background decorated with a band of golden vine leaves, echoing the bottle’s label. This band is part of the heritage of the Hennessy V.S.O.P. box created in 1954, where it appeared in a red and gold version.

CB Video Still 5

Regarding the security, a laser stamp for the 35-cl, 70-cl and 3-litre bottles and a hologram of increased complexity (now with new horizontal lines forming a grape cluster) seal the cap. The “Superior” quality of the cognac is evoked by the liquid splash of V.S.O.P. on the back of the bottle, a reminder of the curves of an “S”.

Oh ya, remember to log on to and give them a ‘like’ for their good job !




a picture of Jocelyn Coco and I <3