Friday, July 27, 2012

Sushi Tei with Worthy Book


Recently I got this Worthy BookTM F&B Special Edition 2012-2013 and I am really excited over it. It is a book that I won’t get bored reading again and again. Because it is full of vouchers! It has various vouchers for all kinds of eateries and even beauty salon. I bring along this book almost everywhere, as the size is just nice to fit into the handbag, and I can always get some discount/freebies when I dine in. How cool is this!

This Worthy Book has categorized types of cuisine and different shopping mall , enable you to find the shop you want easier. And for me, I actually choose what I want to eat from there. I think it saves a lot of my time to think what do they have in this mall and what is nice.

Last Tuesday I went to Tropicana City Mall for movie. Before that I decided to dine in Sushi Tei to satisfy my craving. I ordered this set which costs only RM18.80!


Inclusive of this whole set




+Miso soup and a glass of syrup. Super worth it right!

But my friend ordered something else


the above and below sushi, crab cawanmushi and some other sushi.


And guess what? I get something free!


Tadaa! I get 1 salmon sashimi FREE! Just with a minimum spending of RM20, I can get this salmon sashimi for free! I love sashimi. How about you?

Worthy Book is available at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected outlets in Klang Valley.

Find out more here:


Just a very short and quick update, stay tune for more after my final exam alright? My final exam starts on next Saturday and I am really scared… I know you will wish me luck, will you? :p




Yours truly with zero make up here to scare you off

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Elevate To Penang!

So I elevated myself to Penang to party in VIP style woohoooooo!


This might sound a bit crazy, but yes, I do go to Penang for a weekend to attend this party as I think this should be one of the party that I shouldn’t miss. What’s more there will be 20 bloggers including myself to party together! It will be a fun night catching up with friends and make new friends too.


This party is held in Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) on 14 July. This is my first time to be in PISA. When I was entering, I was like why is it so quiet… Did I go to the wrong place? But when I entered, I was like WAH such a huge event!



The stage is big so that everyone can see it. Love the LED screen behind. It just made everything look good.


And also free flow of drinks all night long!


Met a few familiar faces! It is always fun partying with them.


Look at the happy faces and the crowd!!


First on stage is DJ Siera Lee! Sweet girl and I cant stop looking at her!


Second up on the stage is the Mocha Girls. They are really hot girls. They can sing and dance very well! Besides, they interact with the crowd and is pretty much entertaining. They made people sing together with them, made them dance on stage and one more thing…


Matchmaking! hahaha kidding la. but apparently this girl,Yumi from Mocha Girls is single and she invited two guys up on the stage to express their love towards her. Then she will pick one of them! Sam was one of them and he is being such a sweetheart!  Putting on his jacket for her and kneel and express himself. Haha who doesn’t melt uh?

And as predicted, Yumi chose Sam and sing a song for him. I hope they do continue contact each other LOL they look pretty cute together


Next up is Electroxhot! They are the winner of Showdown 2011 and they also proved us how powerful are them. Impressed me with their moves!


Last but not least, is DJ Hiloco aka Nerodolls from Japan! Woots! She spinned in the previous Carlsberg Where’s The Paty and I have a strong impression towards her as I think she is drop dead gorgeous. And she never dissappoint the crowd! The crowd just got higher and higher!


And I get to take photo with DJ Siera Lee! She is so cute! Her dimples!!!!!

Thanks to Don Chan for bringing us to Penang for party and this is a great getaway as well Smile




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Friday, July 13, 2012

Snip N Style

You know I really can’t tolerate my hair anymore when I decided to step into a salon.


Snip N Style Boutique Salon is now in Kota Damansara! Not just another beauty salon, we epitomize the new concept of beauty culture. Enter our doors for a Snip from our experienced stylists, then pick your Style from our range of clothes and accessories. –Snip N Style FacebookIMG_1963

This concept is new and great, combining boutique and salon together. You can get your hair done by the professional, shop for new clothes and look pretty in the event you attending later on.



Wide range of clothes for you to pick


Just love this part cause of the vintage feel


besides, there are various types of accessories for you to choose!


Came here with zero make up just because I want to get a colour which won’t make me looks pale even without make up. This is because I always feel I look really dull without make up and most of the time I didn’t put make up. When I said that to my hairstylist, Jo, he did think about it quite a while haha.


As you can see my hair colour is only starts from the middle to the bottom. So freaking ugly. Can’t believe I tolerated it for so long. After showing me a few colours, Jo suggested me to try dark mahogany brown. Mahogany is a reddish brown color. It is approximately the color of the wood, mahogany.-Taken from Wikipedia


Jo has been really careful when handling my hair. Careful but quick and efficient. He prepared 3 colours of dye from light purple to dark purple for 3 parts of my hair. That is because I dyes my hair before and the bottom part is in lighter colour.


Waiting waiting waiting when dyeing hair…


Before : My long and dry hair. only bottom part got colour showing how long I didn’t dye my hair. To be exact, is 1 year and 4 months lol leaving my ugly roots for so long


Photo credits to Simon Seow. From left: Choulyin, Me, Anna and Evelyn

This is my hair colour after a week plus under flash light. I like it as it goes well with my pale skin making me not that pale. Hair colour doesnt show much during dim light or indoor but I think is ok. The dark colour is well-covered and making me look more healthy. Hair is shorter a few inches and I am still heartache over it. Well, blame myself for not giving enough care for my hair!

Overall I think Snip N Style did a pretty good job as my friends said they like my hair colour teehee. So call them now and make your appointment to pamper yourself!

p/s the hairstylist, Jo is really cute looking! I am just too shy to take photo with him that day. Now I am all regret. Its ok I will go there again and take photo with him :D

Snip N Style
20-2 Jalan PJU 5/5, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
0123322342 (Maybelle)
Closed on Mondays
Tue – Fri: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sat – Sun: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm




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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Furless, Be Fearless.

This is a very shy post.

This is a very shy post.



I never have the courage to blog about waxing because I find it is something personal although friends will ask me to recommend which waxing saloon to go when they found out I secretly go waxing without telling any of them wtf. Normally I will tell them personally the good and the bad thing about the place, but not on blog. Just… aiyo, so shy Embarrassed smile

Well, I choose waxing over the other easier method such as shave to make myself clean is because waxing can make one look so perfect. Perfect,flawless,smooth skin, thats all what I want. I believe that is what everyone wants too. At the beginning I tried using wax strips, but realized that it is not as clean as I want. Hence I decided to head over to a waxing salon.


I do try a few different salon when they are having promotion(yes I damn cheapskate=.=) and this time I am trying Furless Waxing which is located in Jaya One.

Location : 21-M, Block B, Jaya One, 72A Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-8pm

Phone : 03-7931 7326


Website :

Facebook :


Oh yea I mentioned about PROMOTION teehee. I tell you is is really worth it. For a normal one time waxing of your intimate area *shy* , it usually costs you around RM96 and above. So lets say it is RM96 per session, it will costs you RM288 for 3 sessions right? Now in Furless Waxing, The Threesomes promotion is you can enjoy 3 sessions in RM268 ! See, just like that you can save some money!

So I ringed them and made an appointment. Was pretty excited to explore another new waxing salon teehee


It is not hard to locate them as Furless is a corner shop. Stepped into the salon I love the environment here. Comfy, friendly and happy.


Yes I feel happy because the waiting area here is so colourful! I really like this area and took so much photos here.


Oh and also because they have a gigantic wall mirror beside HAHAHA I have to wait for a while because I am about half an hour earlier than my appointment time. Yes I am excited like that. At this point of time, I was just too eager to try their service. Another reason is they said it will be less painful compared to others. In my mind I was like ‘mehhh impossible unless you are a magician wtf’. Alright say no more, lets go waxing.

My therapist of the day is Annie. She is a very nice and gentle lady. Double-cleansing by myself and the therapist first.


I was lead to the room to change first. There is something different from the other salon.


The other salon I went, they will just ask me to take off everything then cover with blanket. At here, they provide a disposable panty and this skirt for you to wear. I think this is so thoughtful! I almost shed tears wtf. I always feel so naked and shy as nothing is covering when they are helping me to wax. At Furless, they cover the other parts when they are waxing a part. Is a very minor thing but thats what made me feel great.

I always have tears in my eyes when waxing. But in Furless, I think I nearly fell asleep #truestory . The pain is nearly half of the others! It is still painful but is definitely much much lesser than the others. Super awesome. I get so shocked. So I asked Annie why is it so. I am really impressed.

So, she said: At FURLESS, we carry three very specialised and imported waxes: One for sensitive skin that will ease redness and irritation. One for long coarse hairs, to lighten the pain of hair removal. And one for short hair to make sure even the shortest stubbles are removed.

Annie is a really gentle therapist. I can feel she really make sure the skin is flawless. She will explain to me what wax is she using or what product is she using and what is it for. You can’t see it but you know what is happening on you. And guess what? The best part is they got treatment for you after waxing!!! And it is FOC!! You all should just run to Furless Waxing NAO. The treatment is to sooth the skin as the skin at that area is very sensitive, and require extra care after waxing. The ice-cold feeling made me feel so relax. And YES, it is less redness and not painful at all afterthat.


Some questions that might rise in your mind

1. Does waxing cause darker skin colour or any discolouration?

Ans: NO. Waxing is supposed to make your skin appear fairer as it exfoliates the dead skin on the outer layer.

2. How long should I go for waxing once?

Ans: Roughly 3 weeks to a month. Constant waxing can make you have less coarse and finer  hair.

3. Is it painful?

Ans: Yes it is. But in Furless it is less painful. And you look pretty for the next few weeks. So just endure the pain for a while!

4. How long does one session take?

Ans: It is usually 30 minutes to 1 hour.

5. Any aftercare needed?

Ans: Yes. Recommended to use scrub and moisturiser specialized for your private parts to prevent in-grown and dry skin.


Price range here is very affordable. The service here worth your money. You have my words.


Happy girl with the pretty lady boss. This photo less one ‘s’. supposed to be Fearless instead of Furles. Nvm take again


Tadaa! I just realize we both wear dark blue and wear black frame specs :D ok la i admit i just ngeh ngeh want say I got the lady boss look also.

It was a great experience! What? Want me to proof it? Eeee you baddie. Go try it yourself then you will know! It is just… Furless. And smooth like baby’s skin.

Will definitely introduce my friends to go and i think YOU SHOULD too. If you never try waxing before, fear not. Somemore they are having 50% off for first timer! 

Is time to pamper yourself :)





Was playing around with make up stuff.. What do you think about this look?

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Show me your love

Hey people,

Firstly, I would like to say THANK YOU when you are reading this post. At least you care about me and would like to know what kind of help I need (I guess?). Hahaha its alright if you are not. Still, thank you for visiting this humble blog.

My uni which is UCSI University is going to held Applied Science Week in next two weeks. One of the highlight of the Applied Science Week is WOW Food Fair. WOW stand for wholesome, original and well-balanced. The applied science students will be setting up booth during the food fair, and sell their own new food product. I can confirm you never try this products before because is all our own creative ideas! This food fair will be held on 19 and 20 July 10am-4pm. So drop by anytime you free! My booth will be on 20 July by the way :D

Me as a Food Science & Nutrition student is also taking part in this food fair. My group will be selling fruits lasagne which have mango or durian flavour. You can pick your favourite flavour and enjoy your dessert! The dessert has biscuit+oats+cornflakes as base, fresh mango/durian paste on top, covered by our self-made lasagne which added with carrot, and topped with a layer of cream ! Oh girls, the cream is not made of whipped cream. So… don’t worry :D

We have been improvising the product in nutritional wise, so you don’t have to worry much about being not nutritious or scared of adding on more calories :)


So, now we are selling our food fair coupon which is only RM10 each. You can use this coupon to buy your favourite food during food fair. There are many more stalls selling different kinds of food. I am sure you will love them.

Parts of the profit from this Food Fair will go to Yayasan Sunbeams. Yayasan Sunbeams Home cares and provides for the orphaned, abused, neglected and abandoned children, and children from broken families, irrespective of their background or beliefs.

So, if you are kind enough to support me(*wink*) on 20 July, and would like to do charity at the same time, why not buy a coupon from me and enjoy the food here? You can drop me a message at Facebook , tweet me at @wilee_t or email me at .

See you there alright? <3


Lotsa lotsa lotsa endless love for you,


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