Monday, January 14, 2013

Grado ICON Hair Studio

Time flies. Is mid of January already. Are you back to your study/ work mode yet? Or are you like me who already jumped into the CNY mode? hehehe I love CNY. Because thats the time I can buy new clothes new shoes new bag doll up nicely and get a new hairdo for this whole new year! So last week I went to Grado Icon Hair Studio to get my hair done. I always think it is better to get your hair done so it will look more natural during CNY

This is a story of how my hair transform from this


to this.


HOW!!! So far 9.9 out of 10 of my friends said very nice! And I LOVE IT TOO!

I gave this new hair studio which is located in Sri Petaling , Grado ICON Hair Studio a try.



Stepping in the hair studio which has a modern and comfortable theme, with friendly hair stylist, I am feeling very good to be there.


I was then met the hair stylist,Calvin. He has 9 years experience in this industry. So I feel very confident to let him do this hair makeover for me. Hair is very important to me. I feel happy whenever my hair looks pretty and get very grumpy if my hair 见不得人 hahaha


Calvin is being very nice to check and suggest the best hairstyle to me.guess what, he suggested perming my hair! ahh I actually had a not very good experience with curly hair so at 1st I was against it.


But Calvin showed me hows the end result going to be like and finally, I believe in his taste. My future is all in his hand now.

He suggested to perm my hair which will be Korean Setting Perm and followed by giving my hair colour a brand new colour which is Olive. Both are very new try to me. And then I have a question again. Can I do both perm and dyeing on the same day? My hair is not in a very good condition, so by doing both chemical treatment on same day, will it make it worse? And Calvin introduced me one special thing which I will tell you later. He asked me not to worry, and my hair will be very healthy at the end. 


Grado ICON Hair Studio use ARIMINO's product. Have you heard of it? It is a a salon professional products which "CARES" for your hair. ARIMINO products are high in quality thus will cause little damage in your hair even for all chemical products.

Then, the journey of a little girl changing to a lady began lololol


1stly, he applied the cold line which is suitable for perm and straightening. it is then covered using plastic to make sure it is maintained at room temperature hence the even and quick result.


Then it comes to the curl part. They are using this very canggih looking machine on me hahahs



Do I look like Medusa in a way?


This perm only require roughly 10 to 15 minutes. It is really quick. After 10 minutes it is removed and guess how I look like? One word, AWESOME.


They said this is the best and most suitable hairstyle for me. What do you think? I should probably consider  this the next time when I want to change hairstyle.


The treatment that I used for both perming and hair dyeing is Shaerpa Treatment. It has conditioning mist to protect the hair, Collagen to give hair protein and keratin,Carrier Oil to protect the scalp for colour. The above mentioned 3 steps are repeated twice.Then it is followed by buffer oil to remove the chemical smell and neutralize the pH value of hair. Fix gum is to lock the hair colour. lastly, silk cream is used for hair smoothness.

Just by listening to all the protective steps, you feel safe enough right hahaha

Here are the end results. Snapping every angle of it just because I can hahaha



this is one of my favourite corner in the hair studio. very artsy and romantic feel. I'm totally loving the curl at the back. is so natural and gave my hair a volume


One of my friend said: Eh you suddenly got so much hair one. LOL


NICE OR NOT!!! I personally feel so princess for a moment when the hair is done


my hair colour under sunlight shows a bit more of the greenish and it actually made my skin look fairer hehehe. The greenish brown that Olive gave out surprisingly suit me so well <3

The rate for my hairmakeover are as below:

Long hair perm RM248

Hair colour RM188

Sherpa Treatment RM120

If you just want normal cut and wash, it will be RM32 for men and RM38 for women.

They are having some promotion too. So don't be shy and go over and try it out !


Remember to support their Facebook page and drop any enquiry there.

Location : 35 Jalan Radin Anum, Petaling, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur 57000, Malaysia, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: 03-9544 5592


p/s Special thanks to him for accompanying me throughout the hair makeover :)


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  1. the hair studio looks great~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. ROFL THE MACHINE! macam gonna zap u XD

    yah nice Hair :) love it XD

  3. hmmm why i still think that straight hair of u looks prettier? =X maybe ur hair isn't long enough yet to curl? haha just my POV..

    1. haha ya lo. the hairstylist said if i din cut my hair shorter will look better :)