Friday, January 18, 2013

Meeting Up in Chilla Cup, Setia Walk


It has been quite since I last appeared in any events. Friends has been asking where have I been and hence, here am I crawling out from my crib. It was a sunny beautiful Sunday afternoon. The day was even better because I am meeting up with my pretty babes!


Thanks to Chilla Cup for inviting me to dine in their cafe. This is my second visit here. You can read about my first visit here. Back then I still have my long straight hair..


So happy get to meet up with Jane! The boyf said she looks like Gigi Leung. I agreed! What do you think?


And get to meet this pretty cute lenglui, Melissa! So sweet of her I suspect she is made of honey hahaha

Chilla Cup is launching their 1st quarter new menu. And we get to try it hehehe

Quarterly Special1st Quarterly Special (Ala-Carte)


Montreal Spice Chicken


Pan-Fry Fish Fillet with Couscous


Ham & Sweet Corn Tortilla


The promotion now is the lunch & dinner set comes with this garlic soup and 1 drinks.


the very-mushroom mushroom soup


both dessert are LOVE <3 <3 <3


I love the dessert here a lot. The boyf said he would want this as breakfast. So fattening so sinful but ahhh so heavenly.


I personally love their drinks more than the food. Especially the Raspberry Blended Yoghurt. I give it a ‘Like’. hahaha just go and try and let me know what do u think :)

Short update today. More to come! Stay tune Winking smile




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