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Standard Chartered ICT Competition–RM60,000 cash and prizes are up for grabs!

Are you a  college/university student? Are you Standard Chartered’s staff? Here is some very interesting and exciting news to share with you all !


On 16 January, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad launched its second Innovation, Communications and Technology (ICT) Competition (ICT Competition 2013) as part of its continuing commitment in promoting the development of the domestic ICT sector. The competition is designed to discover world-class IT innovations and unleash the innovator potential of both university students and Standard Chartered employees.


I was there with SocialGrooves. It was a pleasant meet up with them:)

From left: Shannon Chow, Veronica, Povy Teng, Yours Truly and Jessica Tan

27-Standard Chartered Chief Information Officer_Arif Siddiqui 2

This competition was officially launched by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), YB Datuk Haji Fadillah Yusof.

Winners of the ICT Competition 2013 stand to win prize monies totalling RM60,000! How exciting! This year’s competition is themed IT matters as technology is seen as influencing every facet of life from mundane everyday tasks to automated processes to make lives better. Each participating team must submit their ideas in the form of a business proposal to assess not only their creativity but also their business acumen.

41-The Honored Guests

The guest of honours

Standard Chartered’s Chief Information Officer, Arif Siddiqui said, “ICT Competition 2013 is more than just embracing ICT. For the Bank, we realise that this competition signifies our quest to boost creativity and innovation and to further increase the knowledge of ICT amongst university students and also our Standard Chartered employees.”

This is really heart-warming to see how a company worked hard in order for a better future and generation. We as students shouldn’t waste their effort and appreciate every opportunity given.


Me and the lovely Veronica! Looking so sweet <3

I know by now you can’t wait to know more about the competition! ICT Competition 2013 is open to all university/college students from public and private universities/colleges 18 years and above and all Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad employees. To qualify for the competition, participants must join as a team of at least 2 members to a maximum of 5 members, and one member needs to be a Malaysian citizen.

Registration commenced on 13 January and closes 25 March 2013. The competition will be judged in 2 categories:

1. University / College Students (in teams 2 – 5 persons)

2. Employees of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad, its subsidiaries and Scope International (in teams 2 – 5 persons)


One of the opening act during the launch. Totally in love with it! So talented so creative. The man will act together with the shadow and he gave us a really great show. This is how cool when technology combined well in our daily use.

The judging criteria for the competition will be based on these 6 elements:

1. Innovativeness, Demonstrated Creativity & Originality of Idea

2. Value Proposition

3. Quality of Presentation & Clarity of Idea

4. Implementation Feasibility

5. Supporting Evidence & Market Demand

6. Green Features

One of the elements that I am more prioritize will be the Value Proposition. Every innovation should create some value to its customer. Otherwise it is pretty useless isn’t it. The idea should be positive and implement positive values in the customers. As an example, I can create some system that can be implemented inside the wheelchair. The system is connected to the kin’s phone. So anytime when the person on wheelchair need help, he/she can straight press the button and gps will show where is that person on the phone. Besides, they can talk to each other using the mic implemented inside the wheelchair’s arm too. This can make sure the old, disabled or the young won’t go missing. This also implement the importance of family to the customers.

The grand finals and prize presentation ceremony will be held on 16 May. The champion team from the University Students category will win RM15,000 cash prize. The runner-up team will receive RM10,000 in cash and the third prize winners will receive a RM5,000 cash prize. All winning teams will receive a plaque each and certificates of participation.

The first prize winner from the Internal Staff category, will take home RM8,000 in cash. The second prize winner will receive a RM5,000 cash prize and the third prize winner will walk away with RM3,000. All winning teams will also take home a plaque and certificates of participation. The remaining seven finalists from each category will received a consolation prize of RM1,000 per team.

We are looking for ideas that are fresh, creative, unique, and innovative. You may find out more at

Inspire us with your most innovative idea on how IT Matters to your work, personal life and the society. Team up and fuel your creativity to build the most creative technological invention and innovation!

Do remember to include my blogpost link in the registration form under ‘How you know about us’ ya. Thank you thank you teehee


Besides, in their Facebook page there are some weekly contest ongoing. The contest runs for 10 consecutive weeks with 10 different contests from 14th January to 18th March. This week is the Tech Out Your Pet Photo Contest. And I joined too, with my little hammy baby hahaha. Take a look at my entry here. Remember to vote for me(Wilee Tee) ok!

Good luck and I can’t wait to see all the innovative ideas from you all!




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