Thursday, February 21, 2013

I got a Lilac box !

I got very excited when entering the month of February. I guess a lot of you are the same like me this year because it has not only Chinese New Year, and also Valentines day! Indeed a month full of love, romance and joy.

Since December, I am waiting for February to come. Not only because of the festival, is also because of the Lilac Box ! And I received it before CNY which is the perfect timing! I get to try out different products with my sisters and I think one of my sister found her new love <3


The Valentine’s Day box

Looking so sweet yet simple, making me getting more and more curious what is actually inside.


Surprise! Here are the products that I got in the box. The small box on the top is the Decleor toner and cleansing milk. I have yet to try it. It comes in travel size, so it will be very useful for my trip next time. One extra point for this product, it smells very good!


The Max Factor Limited Edition Nailfinity which made in France. Gorgeous colour to put on your nails. Elegant yet stand out, making my skin looking fairer too.


The Roberto Cavalli perfumed body lotion is my favourite of all! Gorgeous packing, wonderful smell, and it is not sticky at all! It works just like perfume. After putting on the lotion, the smell will last for very long. It won’t make you feel like you are putting on lotion or perfume. The smell is natural, and I have to say this again, it doesn’t give the skin any stress! For people who hate oily and sticky skin but have dry skin, this is perfect for u. I will definitely get this again. Look like I have a successful blind date :3

The Burberry Fresh Glow on the right is pretty amazing. I used it on the 1st day of CNY, sharing it with my sister. But both of us feel a little bit too oily. It probably doesn’t suit our skin. It gives a very natural and basic coverage, at the same time giving glow to the skin.


This is like the saviour to my hair hahaha. Kerastase is a very well-known brand for hair products but this is the 1st time I tried them. After the 1st time using it, I can see the improvement. My hair end is pretty dry, but after using it looks healthier. I believe continue using it will have a great improvement.


Last but not least, some vouchers for the girls ! The facial voucher from Decleor  Paris and hair treatment voucher from Centro Hair salon. Who wants to go have pampering session with me ? :)

Loving the surprise from The Lilac Box ! Products they gave are all well-known and I am pretty satisfied with it. Head over their page and find your blind date :)

I think I’m in love <3




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