Monday, February 25, 2013

SCICT Sunway UC Roadshow


After attending the launch of the Standard Chartered ICT Competition Launch, here am I again in the SCICT Roadshow in Sunway University College on 18 February which is also Chor 9. Standard Chartered is running the roadshows across the universities in Malaysia. This time is Sunway UC’s turn. This is also my first time stepping in Sunway UC.


Was there in the morning with my sleepy head.


But it was a great morning meeting up with Jason, Veronica and Christopher.  Nice catching up !

The SCICT booth was located in the cafeteria. Just walked into the cafeteria, you can see it on your left hand side. There are many helpful crews willing to give the students clear explanation about the competition.


As a student, I get very curious and interested to know what is it all about. This is where the crew jumped out and gave some help haha. Fear not, they are all nice and friendly so don’t worry, just ask anything you don’t understand about this competition, they will try their best to give you the best explanation.

There are also some games going on. In Sunway UC, just by taking photos with the little cubes, you will get a mystery gift haha.


One more thing to emphasize, this competition is open to all races, as long as you are a current student in Malaysia university.

I just anyhow want to put my face here in case you forgot how I look like in the middle of this blog post hahahaha


In addition, SCICT also organize a talk on banking life.


Many students wonder is there a future in banking? Is it a good choice to step on this path? Which company should I go ? Your questions will be answered here. I learnt a lot here although I am not a Finance students. There are a lot extra knowledge which are very useful in my life.


If you don’t know, Standard Chartered has 13 million customers, 1700 branches and 88000 staff. You know where you should go if you want a banking life Winking smile

When I just got my SPM cert, I have a hard time choosing which path should I go. Someone advised me that choosing banking life is probably one of the most stable and safest career. I think it is very true. In Standard Chartered, the Degree or Master cert is just a passport to enter the bank. Your career in Standard Chartered is all depends on your performance. It will not be restricted by your cert. Hence, I think it provides a very huge opportunity to the fresh-grad.


The Standard Chartered ICT Competition has amazing cash prizes waiting for you ! Just by submitting your innovative ideas, you stand a chance to bring these home ! How tempting is it… For more information, you can head over by 25 March 2013. You can also ask the crew when the roadshow is in your uni.


Thank you love for accompanying me :)

Head over SCICT Competition Facebook page to join their weekly contest too! There are some interesting prizes for you to win :)

Remember to include this blog link in your entry form ya :)




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