Monday, March 4, 2013

1st Beautiful Surprise from Vanity Trove

Words can’t describe how anticipating am I during the time waiting for this beautiful surprise from Vanity Trove reached my door step.


This is my February Trove from Vanity Trove. Compared to other beauty boxes, this box is a little bit special. You pulled out the box like a drawer, unlike the other usual box and cover type of box. If I could collect a few more boxes, I want to DIY and do a small cabinet to put all my accessories!


Look at all these new beauty products waiting for me to try them on !


Oriks is a brand that you definitely heard before. Origin from Korea, their BB cream is wonderful. You just need to put some of it, not too thick, it gives a pretty good coverage to the imperfection and uneven skin tone. it is formulated with plant stem cells hence it can repair and keep our skin healthy.

The Wild Ginseng Stemcell Twister Essence reduce visible pores while hydrating and nourishing skin. I think that’s why Korean always have flawless skin. If you love the product, now you can get 1 unit BB cream for free when you buy the twister essence!


Benefit is one of my favourite brand. Its product always give me surprises.It minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines with this smooth operator. You can use this POrefessional balm on its own or on top of make up. It helps make up to stay on too. Strongly recommended everyone to get this !


The smoothen shampoo cleanses and treats the hair structure to boost suppleness. What surprise me is the Smoothen Mask. My hair instantly become so smooth and healthy! Let the boyf tried too and this does wonder on his hair as well!


The B.Liv Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel can remove whiteheads as well as blackheads gently and effectively. Besides, it keeps oil secretion under control and banishes skin irritations.

Tuscan Rose Hand& Body Lotion blended with moisturising olive and sweet almond oils. Apply it for smooth and nourished skin! After applying, i feel like a rose hahaha cause i smell so good !

For RM60/month, receive beauty treats and discover beauty right at your doorsteps! Head over to & subscribe to this journey of beauty discovery. Have fun. And have something to look forward to every month!

lotsa love from your favourite Indian dancer,


On a side note, I wonder how you girls/guys deal with hot sun ? This is what I did last weekend in Melaka. The weather was killing me. Let me know any other interesting/ better way ok? :D

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  1. SO many beauty boxes these days, hard to decide which to get right? :/

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