Thursday, March 21, 2013

Donald & Lily Restaurant, Malacca

If you are from Malacca, or been to Malacca, I guess you heard from Donald & Lily Restaurant before. This restaurant is so famous until almost every friend of mine will recommend this place to me when I said I am going to Melaka. Yes, no joke. Although I have been to Melaka for many times, but this is my 1st time to try this restaurant as I am not a foodie kind of person. It was located behind the hotel I stayed, so I was thinking, why not to give it a try?

And I truly understand why is it so famous after I tried their food.

Donald & Lily previously was located at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, and they have moved to the new location which is opposite Bei Zhan restaurant and on the same row as a hotel named 'Place 2 Stay' last year. The full address of new location is at the end of the post.


(This photo is taken from their Facebook page)

What do you want to have ? The menu is written on the board. There are familiar names and some are not. I got a bit lost looking at the menu so I seek help from the boy. He strongly recommended a few dish at below.


The Nyonya Laksa

Fell in love at my 1st bite. When I had my Nyonya Laksa in Jonker Street, I thought it is the best because I love the taste so much. But when I tried this Nyonya Laksa, it blew my mind, literally. The taste of asam laksa + curry mee is so unique but they match with each other so well. I didn’t leave any drop of the soup hahaha that’s how much I love their Nyonya Laksa


Ayam Pongteh

This is extremely good. The chicken stew cooked with fermented soybean paste, potatoes and mushroom(香菇). I love the aroma of it and it goes so well with rice ! You can taste a lil bit sweet as well owing to the main ingredients of fermented soybean paste and palm sugar.


  Taukua with fishcake and rojak sauce

This rojak is different with what I usually had in Johor or KL. The specialty is the fishcake and taukua, with lots of sesame on top. The sauce is quite liquid, not the way I like it.  Personally find it nice but didn’t surprise me very much.



I dare not to say it is the best, but so far it is the best cendol I tried in Melaka. The 1 in Jonker street cant compare with this hahaha. The taste and sweetness are just nice with the fragrance of Gula Melaka, it is perfect especially for hot weather in Melaka.

This restaurant is pork free. The new location is opposite Bei Zhan restaurant and on the same row as a hotel named 'Place 2 Stay'. If you are coming from the direction of Mahkota Parade, we are on the left side of the bridge.
GPS - 2.193854N 102.2372836E
GPS - 2°11'37.8744''N 102°14'14.221''E
Map -
We were formerly at 31 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (now closed).

No 16 (Ground Floor), Jalan KSB 1, Taman Kota Shahbandar, 75200 Melaka

Operating hours: Tue - Sun: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Phone: 012-292 3157


The restaurant has quite many parking lots in front of the shoplot so don’t worry about it. It can be quite packed during lunch hour. I will definitely come back here again. Thumbs up!

Enjoy your Nyonya food!




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  1. The nyonya laksa looks nice! Awww too bad I've never been to Malacca yet :( will try it out when I'm there definitely!

  2. I find it really funny that the menu board stated: "Moh makan apa?"

  3. The cendol doesn't look good in the pic. Macam so plain but I believe you la when you said it's better than the one in Jonker. That one is over-rated.

    1. haha thank you for believing me ! It has all the ingredients that normal cendol should have

  4. The nyonya laksa and ayam pongteh looks delicious! Have not been to this restaurant before!

  5. yummy nyonya food... eh since when u started wearing tudung? :P

    1. since the sun started roasting me hahaha

  6. I am from Malacca...and I haven't heard of them-Donald & Lily Restaurant before. Maybe it is because I am from Malacca. :)

  7. The cendol is more delicious than the one in Jonker88? Seriously? :D

  8. Food looks good! Shall save it up for my next trip to Melaka :D

  9. Have u try the Nyonya Laksa which is located at Jalan Tengkera ?

  10. I think the nyonya laksa at Elegant Café, Kota Laksamana, Melaka tastes better. May be it is not so famous.