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Renoma Cafe Gallery, KL

Erm, is it a bit too late to blog about Valentines Day ?

I didn’t spend my Valentines Day with the boyf, but we celebrated it 1 week earlier in Renoma Cafe Gallery, KL. Many of my friends congratulated me when they knew I am finally in a relationship hahaha. It was a tough journey.. But past experiences made who I am now. I know my friends are truly happy for me, and I feel blessed too :)


I know is too late to say Gong Xi Fa Cai now hahaha. This Valentines day dinner was last month before CNY, and yes, I have been procrastinating until now which is 1 month plus later only post. I have been busy, I have studies, work and a hamster to take care. And my laptop is not very well behaved recently and and and the excuses go on and on…

Anyway, let’s start the story. This is our first Valentines Day, but we will be far apart as I will be back in Johor during CNY. I was saying its ok, we can always celebrate next time. But the boyf decided to bring me for an advanced Valentines Day Dinner :)


When I first heard of Renoma, the first thing that comes to my mind is men’s wear. I bet many of you are like me. haha but actually it is a Parisian label.

‘ Renoma was established since 1963 by revolutionary Fashion designer, Maurice Renoma, which offers a trendy label with a wide range of fashion products from menswear, leather bags & accessories, men's & ladies' shoes, inner wear in Malaysia & Singapore.
Started some 50 years ago by a two-brother-team, Monsieur Maurice Renoma & Monsieur Michel Renoma at Rue de la Pompe, Paris, the brand name was then a fashion statement for the young & trendy.
Renoma is available in more than 25 countries in Europe, Asia-Pacific & East Asia with over 2000 boutiques & boutique-corners retailing – fashion wear, leather goods, footwear, underwear and other accessories.Recently, Renoma has added F&B into the brand portfolio with new opening of Renoma Cafe Gallery at KL, the first outside of Paris.’


Many people also mistaken it as a Gallery instead of a Cafe. The interior design of Renoma Gallery Cafe is awesome! I really would love to take photos at every corner in RCG. Interesting yet artsy.


This is a bistro art cafe that you will fall in love with.

All about Dine, Wine, Music, Fashion, Art.


Right beside the entrance. So cute! I love how they emphasize on details.

For more beautiful interior photos of Renoma Gallery Cafe, click here .


Here am I to introduce you


My date, My Valentine Red heart


In RCG, they serve alcohol too. The wall are full with different kinds of wine! But that night we chose to have fruit juice instead. The strawberry+banana smoothie is good!

p/s I can’t remember any names of the dish…

We had soups as starter.


The mushroom soup. Rich in mushroom, not too creamy, similar to something I had back in France.


Honest speaking I can’t remember the name of this soup. It is duck meat, and the central white thingy is egg =.= It tastes not bad, apparently my boyf likes this.


I had the scallop with caviar pasta. I like the scallop and caviar but not the pasta. It is quite spicy for me. But if you take spicy, this might be your kind of food.


The grilled cod fish pasta. This is good. The pasta is made with squid hence the black colour. I like this dish better. The cod fish was well-seasoned.


While we are enjoying our food, there are live band to entertain us. I can foresee this place to be a great place to do a wedding proposal :)

Next will be my favourite part which is DESSERTS !!


Yes we had 3 desserts. Haha actually we just ordered two, third one was a sweet surprise :)


The chocolate volcano ! There are melted chocolate inside the brownie. As the chocolate is a little bit bitter, it matches well with the berries.


Something I forgot name. Tastes great when eating the pudding with berry and biscuit. But this is still not my favourite one..


My creme brulee. Tastes heavenly. MUST TRY.

Looking at the words while having this creme brulee, sweetness doubled up! hahaha


Location : Lot 510, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hours: Mon - Sat: 11:00 am - 1:00 am

Sun: 9:00 am - 11:00 pm

Phone: 03-2143 9919



Last but not least,


Thank you for being with me.

Happy White ValentinesRed lips




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