Monday, May 20, 2013

Kiss Me Mobile Station

Ever since I started using Kiss Me, it became my first choice everytime when choosing cosmetics. My make up essential such as foundation, eyeliner, mascara and eyelash are all using Kiss Me products. I get to know they are launching a new mascara, and was excited to try it out!


The 2 new products are Long & Curl Mascara S and Volume & Curl Mascara S. I personaly like the Long & Curl mascara better. What makes this mascara different from the Kiss Me mascara I previously used is the colour. We all know that usually mascara is in black colour, and it makes our eyes look very dark. This time it comes in brown ! The lovely brown gives our eyes a very natural looking.


The Kiss Me mobile station is a make up station which moving around different areas. To know more where is the next destination of this mobile station, do check out their page for more information.


I was there with Jane to try out this new mascara


Everything in pink!


Let me talk more about this 2 mascara. Kiss Me Heroin Make  mascara water-proof strength is awesome. I tried putting on mascara go out for 1 whole day and there is zero smudge! My friend told me she used it when swimming hahaha the best thing is there is really no smudge. I like the long-lasting and water-proof it provides. It is resistant to tears, sweat , water and also sebum.


If you think good product like this definitely cost a bomb, you are wrong! It is available in drug store such as Watson and Sasa and the price is very affordable for effect like this. The price is RM49.90. I can use it for 1 whole year. It definitely worth price.


After using the Long & Curl mascara, you can see my lash is longer compare to the other eye. the lashes’ curve is increasing too. It looks very natural and is perfect for a college look. Apparently after I got this mascara, I use it alone almost everytime I going out with friends or shopping. It instantly makes the eyes look brighter and bigger. Based on my own experience compared to previous Kiss Me mascara I used, this mascara is free from any clumps. Every lashes is beautifully separated. This formula solved the only problem I found in the previous mascara. I dont know what else can you dislike about it. Haha so go try it out! And I’m sure you will love it.




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