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Amazing result of Lovedrops Eyelash Curl Mascara !

Ladies, how often do you use your mascara? Mascara is essential as a good mascara can immediately make your eyes looking bigger and brighter. It can be used after putting on fake eyelashes to make your own lashes stick together with the fake one. For me, I use mascara almost everyday because I have very short and thin eyelashes… Hence my dream is to have longer, curler and thicker eyelashes! Besides using fake eyelashes and implanting lashes which are both too troublesome for me, choosing a good and effective mascara is my first task.



Friends have been recommended me many different brands of mascara but a lot of them are out of my budget.. I am just a poor student.. So price wise is my another concern. Where to find affordable and good mascara? I have found the one.

Look at the photo above, the mascara I used made my lashes curler and longer ! The effect is so obvious right! It also made my lashes look thicker hehehehe

Jeng jeng jeng, eager to know what mascara is this ?



Its the J Pop Corner Lovedrops Eyelash Curl Mascara (!  It costs only RM78.90!

One of the main feature will be the W-edge comb as you can see in the photo. It coats the lash from root to tip, separates each lashes and increase the volume SO MUCH. Let photos do the talking.


I have very short and thin lashes just like most of the Asian. The lashes are very not noticeable. I am afraid of lash curler as I always imagine one day it will go into my eyes and I just gone blind forever *insert final destination scene* Especially for short lashes people like me, the lash curler always try to curl my eyelid instead of my lashes and it hurts like hell…..

After applying the Lovedrops Eyelash Curl Mascara, what’s the result will be?


Tadaa!! Each lash is coated separately from root to tip without clogging! It creates the volume I wanted tooRed heart

I finally look like I have eyelashes wtf


Without using lash curler, it curls just like how lash curler works! If you noticed, I coated my lower lashes too. I usually do this to make my eyes look bigger and brighter. The Lovedrops Eyelash Curl Mascara is being very caring. The W-edge comb is designed for both upper and lower lashes. The longer comb is for upper lashes while the shorter comb is for lower lashes.

I am not sure about how much you love fragrance. But I personally prefer things that have fragrance smell than those have not. This is another reason why I choose the Lovedrops Eyelash Curl Mascara. It has a floral smell at the moment you open it. The mascara smell stays on your lashes for quite some time. In my own experience, I can still smell it after 2 hours I applied the mascara on my lashes! The smell is kinda addictive and I love it Thumbs up


The packaging is so cute! It looks like a booklet. I was sending this photo to my friend, and she said: Wah since when you became so hardworking, studying on a weekend?! Hahaha cheat one la. The booklet packaging is so cute as the mascara is located right in the middle of the booklet. the inner page are instructions in Japanese.



You can coated a few more layer for better result. Thats how I usually put on for daily outings. When I have events to attend, I will coat it a few more layers to make it even thicker, longer and curler Winking smile

Oh ya 1 more plus point to add! As our air condition is getting worse, the haze might cause you to have teary and itchy eyes. You will easily become panda if you are using a non-waterproof mascara! The Lovedrops Eyelash Curl Mascara is waterproof and is highly resistant to tears Smile That’s why I choose it for my everyday make up. Sometimes, my eyes was so itchy until I have to rub it. But fret not, the mascara will not smudge and is in perfect condition! You might be wondering how to remove it if it is so strong. It is surprisingly easily removed by using lukewarm water.

Since nowadays people wear mask when going out, your eyes make up is important to attract people. Haha anyway, do take good care of yourself k! Drink more water, stay indoor, don’t rub your eyes and wear mask if going out!

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  1. Ooo the last pic, your eyelashes looks great!

  2. the effects look amazing!

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