Monday, June 3, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note II in BROWN

Hey, my name is Brown. Do you love me?


I am extremely in love with Brown recently. I started using Line just because I want to use the Brown emoticon ! It is so cute to see Brown doing all sort of stuff in his innocent face. it just makes people go awwww. Btw I really want the plushie so much hahaha.

Brown is definitely gives us a friendly and approachable, genuine and sincere feeling. I describe people’s personality as Brown when he/she is a loyal and trustworthy friend, supportive and dependable as the feeling brown brings to us.


And guess what? Samsung has come up with a limited edition Note II in Brown ! How exciting ! Previously , Samsung has come up pink, white, silver and red for Note II. This new addition is going to make a lot people change to this phone hahaha. Dont you think this phone looks rich compare to others lolol sorry I know I’m shallow

But that is because the color brown is a serious, down-to-earth color signifying stability, structure and support. It is also the color of material security and the accumulation of material possessions. Take a look at the men around… Men using or wearing brown will somehow different from the others. They just attracted me better than others.


Brown is a frugal color ; it is not associated with frivolity, excess or waste in any form. While it is materialistic, it values quality above all else, and everything in moderation.

Some browns can show a degree of sophistication or elegance, depending on other colors associated with the brown. For example, brown with a soft white or ivory can appear stylish and classy, although more casual than black with soft white or ivory.


People using brown are tend to be quite frugal - you don't like to waste money or time on unnecessary frivolities or extravagances, but when you do spend, it is on quality, just like the Samsung Galaxy Note II.


To me, no other colour can match your outfit so well others than brown. I always choose the brown Dorothy Perkins tote bag when I dont know which bag should I use. It matches almost every outfit in different occasions. And I believe that’s why most people dye their hair to brown as well haha.

So, wait no more and get your hands on to the limited edition Samsung Galaxy Note II in Brown!



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