Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

Dang dang dang dang! I’m holding the new Samsung Galaxy S4 in White! I’m pretty excited to try it out when I first got it. The more I use it, the more I love it. No joke.


I love the camera the most. For me, phone’s camera plays a very important role. Go out with friends, travel, recording all the funny pose my hamsters did and etc, everything in one camera. My semi-pro camera has been resting in the cabinet for pretty long time haha.

There are a few fun stuff that I would love to share with you. Of course there are more, but it is all for you to explore it Winking smile 


The dual camera is really cool. The front and rear cameras are both used at the same time so you can include yourself and the person you’re taking photo in the same photo. Just like what I did when I just got my hands on to the S4. So cool right! We used to ask strangers to ask us to take a group photo but now with this dual camera, you can include yourself when taking others. Problem solved! Besides, you can change the frame and position of the small frame , so there are a lot interesting and creative photos can be taken :)


My sis is so going to kill me when she sees this :x The drama shot is another fun thing to play ! You can take a series of moving people/ thing and make it into a photo. I have so much fun trying this. And it is absolutely easy to use!


This is probably not the main point, but I find this camera can focus and take photo in very short time, and the colour is very close to the real thing. It makes me doesn’t miss any funny pose my hamsters did. Here is a photo of my hamster showing you his messy fur.


There is this Watch On feature I MUST tell you. THIS IS THE BOMB.

My favourite artist 小S is the ambassador for S4. This ad is so funny! Thumbs up to Samsung for such creative ad.

As you can see in the video, the video you are playing will play and pause by recognizing the motions of your face. I have showed this to many of my friends, and everyone is just goes WOW. This is so useful to me . I’m not going to miss any scene when someone suddenly interrupts me.


GALAXY S4 Lifestyle Image_Air Gesture

Ok 1 more cool stuff to recommend. The Air Gesture. The Infrared sensor wil recognize your hand gesture hence you can perform such as flip to next or previous photo and receiving call without touching your phone ! When I first knew about this feature, my OS was: This is so great ohmaigawd I can finally use phone when I am doing my manicure ! Girls, I’m sure we feel the same.


Group play can be the new In thing to do when you hang out with your friends. You can create a group, ask your friends to join the group then youu can play music or games  together or even share files using it.

Honestly, I like the Samsung Galaxy S4 very much. Go get yours now !




Shot with S4 Beauty Mode

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