Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The See By Chloé Girl

As you are reading the title, and looking at the photo below.. Yes, what you’re thinking is what I’m going to say.


I’m the See By Chloé Girl.

The See By Chloé Girl is joyful, spontaneous and full of wonders. Doesn’t it sound like me?

Now, take a look at the ad I just shoot here. Looking good isn’t?





Haha no la I cheat one. The real See By Chloé Girl is the ever natural yet irresistible Bette Franke.


Bette Franke, is the face of See By Chloé. She is definitely the perfect person for See By Chloé. She is young, lively but attractive, just like a mischievous girl been caught by surprise. 

I’m sure most of you lovely readers, especially ladies, heard of or is a loyal fan of Chloé. But do you know that Chloé has an instictively sister, See By Chloé?


The bottle itself is a piece of art. Compare to other fragrance in the market, its design is a little bit playful. When I first saw its glossy pink case, I’m surprise to see them using such bold and lively colour. When the See By Chloé perfume is escaped from its case, I am amazed by its multi-faceted bottle. A silver ring outlines the pink letters of the See By Chloé logo while the glass pleats and 3 adorable feet make it sparkle! The mirror effect and transparency compose a luminous game of hide and seek.

Created by perfumer Michael Almairac (Robertet), this fragrance reveals an addictive floral scent. The first sparkling notes of bergamot stir the senses. It is then comes with tangy essences, apple blossom and the grace of jasmine. Then you will discover the sensual notes of sandalwood and vanilla. The perfume is very lasting, sweet and light but sensual. I love it at the moment I smell it. Apparently the boyf likes it too! successkid.jpg

As the See By Chloé girl is playful, smiling, cheerful, urban, self-confident but seductive, I am slowly discovering my inner self and working my way up to the level! Come you all judge for me see I qualified or not

Dare To Sing

Do you dare to sing in front of strangers?


No I have never sing in front of public alone except during primary school time.. But I dare to pose in front of people! Did I win the point back?


The Funny Trouble

Original version


And here is my little funny trouble version Winking smile


What came across your mind when think about Crazy Love?

My Crazy Love moment are always with my sweethearts.

TH Studio 3 june 10

We do crazy and fun things together, and that’s why I love them to bitsRed heart


And jeng jeng jeng jeng! here is the Dare To Kiss. I have a little surprise…



my Dare To Kiss!




The perfume is price at RM187 for 30ml, Rm277 for 50ml and RM340 for 75ml. Try it, I’m sure you will not regret.

Oh, if you wonder how could I appear in the See By Chloé advertisement, go to this link :

The movie maker will generate the video for you in 90 seconds after you uploaded the 3 photos in there. Have fun looking at your very own See By Chloé video !





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  1. Woww, like the dare to kiss ! :D

  2. great blog!!! thanks for sharing the perfume!
    i'm gonna have a sniff at the scent first.haha

    1. I hope u will like it as much as I do :)

  3. Dare to KISS oooooooo.... @_@

  4. Warh, I dare you to French kiss a girl then haha