Sunday, July 14, 2013

Infinite Youth with KOSÉ

I always wish to have young and beautiful skin forever. But as I aged, there are certain problems that can’t avoid such as less firmed skin or wrinkles. Does it bother you too? I have spend so much time to discover which product can maintain my skin’s condition, and also want to help my mum to resume her beautiful skin. Believe it or not, even my FYP project is working on anti-aging activity of edible flower. However, we know that there are many products in the market available to help us ladies to maintain our youth. And this is why I am so excited now.

I just got a parcel yesterday, I can’t wait to share it with all of you! Guess what, it is a Vanity Trove! Ahh you might think that, that’s not a big deal. BUT, this time the Vanity Trove have collaborated with the famous KOSÉ and here we go the July Edition featuring all KOSÉ’s products! How exciting! As I have shared with you all previously, previous trove or other beauty box are usually send different sample from different brands. This time, with all the products from same brand, you can experience the miracle of it as skincare always works better in whole same range in my opinion.


GIVE ME INFINITE YOUTH! That is everyone’s dream… To maintain youth, you have to start it young. When you realize your skin is loose and wrinkles start appearing on your face then only start to worry, it is too late. You will need more effort than the others to get the same result.

So what is inside the limited edition KOSÉ x Vanity Trove?


1. Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel: RM119 (120g)

2. Pure Advance Clear Up Wash : RM99 (120g)

3. Pure Advance Essence Lotion II: RM169 (160ml)

4. Pure Advance Serum II: RM169 (120ml)

5. Pure Advance Eye Jelly: RM180 (20g)

6. Deep protection UV: RM118 (30g)

I have yet to use the products but as KOSÉ is having very good reputation, I believe the result will be good too.


After trying the awesome products, you might want to purchase some of the full size item. With the voucher as shown in the picture above, you can now get a free trendy pouch and skin consultation& analysis with any purchase of the item!

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Have fun trying out new products and stay young!




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