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Babor Skincare Workshop

Hey lovelies,sorry for the lack of update! I am in the midst of final exam, will update more once I finish my exam alright?


I have attended a very interesting skincare workshop by Babor few weeks back. ‘Babor is a German brand that transforms the power contained within the finest natural active ingredients, into luxury skincare. BABOR products deliver the greatest possible visible results and skin compatibility for a lasting, healthy looking complexion. For over 55 years, BABOR has worked with Estheticians to create individualized professional skincare ranges of the highest quality, delivering luxury, innovation and results.’ – Babor



This is my 1st time attending event with The Lilac Box, and I am glad to meet the other bloggers as well as Ky-Gan the founder :)


Here is Cindy explaining to us why we should be nice to our delicate skin. But I think most of the people treating our skin extremely nice because we wants to look forever young and don’t want our skin to tell out the actual age. I have been working hard on my Final Year Project, and coincidently my title is regarding antiageing. What a title that suits me perfectly hahaha


In this workshop, we all gotta leave no hair on face, and hands on the products! From removing make up to cleanser to toner to mask to moisturiser, it was a fun experience with Babor. Along the way I am also amazed by some of the immediate effect that Babor’s products have shown.


1. Cleanser: The ritual with HY-ÖL & Phytoactive is a celebration of purity and cleanliness – The Art of Cleansing, which was created by BABOR more than 55 years ago. This cleanser made my skin feel soft and very refreshed. I like it although sometimes find it a bit hassle to have so many steps for cleansing. But oh well, for beautiful flawless skin! HY-OL is price at RM170 for 200ml, the various phytoactive for you to choose which suits you the best is price at RM140 for 100ml.

2. Toner: Thermal Spray - It provides 100% moisture for face and body and soothes the skin. Pure thermal water sourced from Aachen’s hot springs boasting with minerals and micro nutrients, refreshes and soothes the skin. For a refreshing energy-kick on the go, the spray can be applied over make-up. Contains no alcohol. I personally in love with it. Rm200 for 250ml

3. Comfort Cream Mask: This rich cream mask with precious soybean and sesame oil treats the skin, leaving it smooth and supple, while shea butter balances the hydro-lipid mantle. Other active ingredients: OsmoTec and Alpine stem cells. Just apply a thin layer over your face and rinse it off after 15 minutes. My face feel SMOOTH right after I rinse it off ahhh amazing. RM215 for 50ml


4.HSR® lifting extra firming eye cream: With the HSR® Lifting Integral Complex this highly effective anti-wrinkle eye cream gives the delicate skin around the eye area more elasticity. This perfume-free formula has been tested by dermatologists and eye doctors and meets the highest standards. This is the star product from Babor. With massage, the effect will be enhanced. I personally don’t feel anything from this.I gave it to my mum as I think this product will suits her need. RM490 for 30ml

5. Mimical Control Cream: An effective cream with Mimical Control peptides to reduce expression lines. These peptides relieve micro-tensions in the skin and have been shown to reduce the depth of lines. The cream also contains the key active ingredients in this range: OsmoTec and Alpine stem cells. 50ml for RM455

Here are the key products for daily skincare routine. There are scrub, ampule and other products available as well. With the result Babor has given, it worths the price.



Face massage is essential for preventing sagging. Scan the QR code, it shows you the direction to massage. Now I am doing it almost everyday, and yes! To beautiful flawless skin!




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  1. Great products there... now im sure ur skin gonna be extra flawless! hahaha