Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hairdo in Chezz Technique

I AM FREE! For 2 weeks… Haha yes I just finished my final exam for this semester and having my sweet sem break for 2 weeks. I have a lot of time now so I THINK I will be very hardworking to update the blog when I am not playing candy crush Smile with tongue out I know I am so late but OHMAIGAWD why is this game so addictive! Remember to send me life and moves and unlocks ya hahaha

Since I was free, I gotta do something that I should do but I wasn’t free to do before finals ends.. such as go for a hairdo. I know I know.. My hair was so messy and I should have go for haircut like 1 month ago? hahaha but at least I did now..


This is my old hair. My hair was messy, grass-like, dry and out of shape. I was soooo tempted to cut it all but comes to think of it, my face is gonna look like a moon if I really do so. Hence I head over Chezz Technique to seek for help.


Chezz Technique has many years of experience and have various branches such as in Seksyen 17, Jalan Gasing and Amcorp Mall. I went to the one in Amcorp Mall. It is not hard to spot the big red and bright shop at the 1st floor, Lot 1-166. Do remember to make an appointment before you go to prevent disappointment ya. I went on a Sunday and the shop was never empty. Full appointment yo!


Chezz Technique uses Redken products to treat your hair. The 2 items here are hair treatments that I expected to work magically on my hair. Hair treatment is essential when you are doing any chemical treatment such as rebonding or perm or dye. It can prevent further damages and nourish the hair at the same time. Even when you are not doing any chemical treatment, go for hair treatment once in a while to make sure your hair got enough nutrients.


I was first attended by Mynn who consulted and eventualy did my haircut. I wanted to do relaxing at the 1st place to make my hair straight again, but Mynn suggests that curly hair will be nicer and more suitable for me. So I took her advice and let her do whatever she wants on my hair haha

We have come to the decision of doing perm + treatment only. Not going to dye my hair this time as my hair is still in a very nice colour and I just dye my hair about 1 n half months ago. Mynn thought that my hair was very thick, so she CHOP CHOP CHOP and I saw soooo much hair on the floor. I guess I am 1kg lighter now LOL. It was then changed to Bryan to help me perm the hair. Both of them are friendly and nice Smile

To be pretty takes time. And yes, I sat there sweating for 4 hours. But all the waiting pays off !

Dang dang dang here is the result after 4 hours


How do I look?


ahhh love love love!


I personally like the curl a lot as it gives a sexy and more mature look. But knowing the hair is going to be less curled after washing, I have to wash it and face the real outcome. The sexy curl will still be there if I apply hair spray and blow dry it with some special hair dryer which I forgot name wtf


Here is my hair after 1st wash ! The curls is more natural and wavy. I look so much neater right hahahah. I didn’t apply any filter and this is my right-after-shower-naked face so you can see clearly the hair colour and everything else. However, the treatment didn’t do magic on me T.T My hair is still dry. Not sure is my hair is in the no-med-cure state…

For long hair perm it is RM260 inclusive of haircut. Add on treatment is RM90. Do give it a try at Chezz Technique and share with me your experience!

603-79602676, 603-79600010






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  1. nice~ so good get sponsored~ XD

  2. Your new hair matches your outfit wor! Nice... redken is one of the well known brand for hair product. Too bad it's too pricy for me! :(