Friday, September 6, 2013

My Personalized Vanity Trove

The first ever personalized beauty box is here! I just got my personalized Vanity Trove few days back. The delivery was fast. It took roughly 6 days to arrive to my hand from the day I placed order. I am impressed with the efficiency. To know more about how the Personalized Trove works, read it here . 

I got to pick a few items that I would like to try and also some are the items that I used and in love with it. Let me show you the items that I have picked:

1. L'oreal smoothing shampoo and hair mask for unmanageable hair
As I have very frizzy hair especially after I permed my hair and I am so lazy to blow dry it every single day, I always look like a lion when I rushed to uni. I am hoping these 2 products could help to tame my hair and make it smooth as well as easy to manage. I am counting on you L'oreal!
I am pretty confident with L'oreal Professional Paris due to their good reputation. The products I received are made in Spain. 

2.Talika Lipocils Expert
I picked this item due to curiosity. It says in 28 days, your lashes will lengthen up to 36%, strengthen up to 50% and curl up up to 50%. The application is very simple. Just apply the treatment to cleansed lashes  during day and night. I am going to try this and let you all know the result if you all want ok? 

3. Bifesta Eye Make Up Remover
For god-knows-reason I cant rotate the photo aih I am just plain noob in IT stuff. Anyway this Bifesta eye make up remover is very good! It is water-based so it won't cause pimples or blockage on your face. I have been using their make up remover for more than a year and still loving it ! You can just wipe it off without rinsing, and best is no additional washing is required ! Of course you can wash it if you want. The eye make up remover is gentle to our delicate eye area and eyelashes. It contains Vitamin B and E which moisturized while removing make up. 
Some of you might wonder if water based make up remover works well on waterproof make up. In my own experience, it works. You just need to leave the cotton which dipped with make up remover on your eyes for longer time. But for very strong waterproof make up such as mascara, I suggest you to use the specialized mascara remover first. It will save up some time and clean up more efficiently. 

4. Kose Pure Advance Serum and Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation

Both of the items are in my previous trove and I am loving them so much ! Especially the Lunasol Powder Foundation. The coverage is quite high yet gives a natural look and at the same time control the oil on my face. 

Get your personalized Vanity Trove now at only RM50 !


travel post up next ! 
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