Thursday, September 5, 2013

Q Hair Works

Few weeks back I permed my hair again, a detailed post can be read here. Hence my hair was kinda damaged and dry since then. I was ignoring it la as usual but right before I going to JB for a weekend trip, I realize the hair end was so dry! It looks awful in photos… And I shouted SOS! My hair definitely need to be rescued. Hence I head over to Q Hair Works in Seksyen 17 for a treatment.

Q Hair Works located at the 1st floor. It is not hard to spot their banner from the main road. Walking into the shop, I personally like it better than Chezz technique in Amcorp Mall because it makes me feel heart-warming and cosy although it is slightly smaller. It is a newly opened salon, branched from Chezz Technique. You can find your familiar stylists in Chezz Technique here. Soon they are going to add a nail bar in the salon and you can pamper both your hair and nails at the same time ! 

The place for hair treatment is very cosy. The steamer on my head is to ensure the products being penetrated into the scalp more efficiently. The whole hair treatment is roughly 1 hour time. The time passes fast as my stylist Eda is very friendly and cheerful. Not to forget she has very pretty hair ! 

She mentioned that as they are newly launched, they are doing an incredible promotion that I can't believe my ears when heard it. For haircut only, it is only RM 2.80 !!!! The price is CRAZY. With RM2.80 I can't even get a plate of mixed rice. But with RM2.80 I get a haircut from the experienced and professional hairstylist. I am not sure how long will the promotion be, so just head over to Q Hair Works ASAP to enjoy this promotion ya.

The hair treatment products Eda used for me is from Medavita. For each individual, she will mix and match different products to specialize for your hair. This ensure your hair get personalized hair care and all the problems are being tackled. For each treatment, it is RM150. I think it totally worth the money because my hair become so healthy now :) 

Of course, we can't rely on hair treatment in salon alone as we are not going to salon everyday right. Do remember to do hair mask or any treatment at home at least once or twice a week. If your hair is in serious damages, it is better to do it everyday. 

The next day after my treatment I went down to JB for the weekend trip. Hair look pretty the whole day *-*  Thank you so much Q Hair Works for the amazing hair treatment! 

ATTENTION! Good news for all of my friends and lovely readers! From now on, just mention my name 'Wilee' and you are entitled 30% off of all haircut, treatment and chemical works! Wait no more, call them at 03-79316168 now ! 

Address: 22,1st Floor Jalan 17/54, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Eh but if you are going for the RM2.80 haircut, sorry ar no more discount! If not really too much haha. But if you add on any hair treatment or chemical works, you are still get to enjoy the 30% discount! 

And talking about my weekend trip, it was great! Went to Legoland and Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and I took so many photos with my beautiful hair <3 a="" be="" different="" nbsp="" next="" on="" p="" post="" stay="" the="" trip="" tuned="" updating="" will="" xoxo="">

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