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Birthday Celebration with Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia

 September was my birthday month, and is also Benefit Boutique & Brow Bar's as well! I guess most of you girls ever passed by or have been a regular visitor of the pinkish cute Benefit Boutique & Brow bar before, because I think it is too cute to be missed! 
For those who not yet know about this, it is not too late to know now!

Unique, quirky & totally cute! Benefit boutiques are like a candy store for grown up girlies! The Benefit Boutique & Brow Bar has landed in 1 Utama, KL since last year September, and now it has turned one! Such an exciting news to share with all you lovelies.  

I am so honored to celebrate my birthday with Benefit this time, such an amazingly beautiful party! I brought Coco to the party together, party is always the more the merrier right. When I just arrived the Benefit Boutique, I was so attracted to the birthday decorations around. It feels like a real birthday party with balloons, cake and also happy people!

I have been a loyal customer for Benefit, especially their POREfessional, it is amazing. It covers up the pores so well, works perfectly before foundation or after make up. Hence I am pretty familiar with their products. I am surprise and exxcited to see there is this new product 'Gimme Brow' appear on the window. Can't wait to try on the product! Later in this post I will show you the result of it. 

There are a few other September babies to celebrate the birthday with Benefit. Look at the beautiful cake! 

Can I have this cake all by myself? It is so princess-like, girly and beautiful! I loveeeeee

Nothing makes me so excited others than unlimited make up products. I wish I could try them all one by one.. Look at all these! One more reason I like Benefit is due to its vintage, attractive packaging. How can you not love them? Sometimes, I will just take them out and just adore the packaging like this. Yes, this is how much I love their packaging haha.

Of course, their products are undeniably good. I had my foundation using Benefit primer and foundation since early morning that day, went around KL in the noon, went to Genting at night til 3am with the same make up, but guess what? Besides having a bit of oil on my face, the make up stays perfectly on my face! And I don't feel heavy to have them on my face.  

Every Benefit Brow Bar is staffed with licensed professionals, highly trained in the art of brow shaping, so they’re always ready to wax and tweeze, primp and please. And to keep you hair-free and carefree below the brow, we also offer a range of other services, plus instant beauty solutions to make up your day.
Before brows waxing, my brows wasn't defined and is quite messy.. The beautician has been very professional, explaining to me every steps and ensuring my brows will be in perfect shape. The brow waxing is a little bit painful, but it lasts for few seconds only. You may experience redness on face, but it will go off after some time. Do not worry about it. You can see big difference at the 'after' photo. Suddenly become so much prettier hahaha no joke ok !

Brow-volumizing fiber gel
This innovative brush-on fiber gel adheres to skin & hair, creating brows where before there were none. It builds easily for thick, lush arches, thanks to a tapered brush for blending & precision tip for shaping. Available in two shades. I am using the lighter shade because my hair colour is lighter, hence it matches.
• Water resistant  
• Long-wearing 
• Natural-looking 
• Buildable

After brow waxing and applied Gimme Brow for more defined brow. How is it! I posted this photo on Facebook, and people have been praising my nice brows teehee 

Nice brows can really save a lot of my time on daily make up. I usually take long time to do a full make up when going out because the face just doesn't look so good with messy brows. With nice brows, I can look pretty effortlessly. Eyes look brighter and bigger (Y)
I strongly recommended all of you, girls and guys, to try brow waxing. You don't need to pluck/shave it everyday and the effect can last longer. I feel very confident with nice brows :)

Benefit Cosmetic Malaysia has been such a sweetheart. Besides the fun-filled party that held for all of us, we September babies received a present each too! Adding them into my Benefit collection woohooo! I hope there are more to come and next time I wish I can show you my daily skincare/ make up of the day using Benefit products. Do you girls would love to see me share about it? 

Thanks for inviting, Iris! And Happy Birthday to you too ^^
p/s: I am absolutely in love with my newly defined brows! <3 div="">

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There are many giveaways ongoing as well. Try your luck and you might be one of the lucky winner !

Thank you once again Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia for having me to celebrate birthday together. You made my 21st even more wonderful :)

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