Sunday, October 27, 2013

Capture Totale One Essential Serum & Mask

Look what came into the mail box! Ahhh so excited when I saw it! 
Thanks for the awesome giveaway from Emily! It's a beautiful package from Dior. Wasn't expecting such big and beautiful box to arrive. Can't wait to find out what is it inside. There are Capture Totale One Essential Serum and Mask, with addition of a premium sample of latest collection of Rouge Dior Lipstick. What attracts me the most is its packaging. It gives a elegant and classy feel which I really love it.The colour of the lipstick is gorgeous, will share about it in my Instagram when I use it. I decided to blog about the serum and mask because it works magically on me, and I think it is something I must share with all of you! 
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Capture Totale One Essential Serum
As seen on the packaging, it claims it is Skin Boosting Super Serum. When I 1st saw that, I was thinking wah is it that powerful... super serum wor. But ended up it is really a super serum! 

 My skin has a lot problems such as big pores, rough skin, and acne. I have been using many different products but the result is very discouraging. Of course I am still using them for my skincare as I couldn't find the more suitable products. In my usual skincare routine, I didn't use serum but use aloe vera gel instead, thinking it might works as well as serum. Obviously I was so wrong. After the 1st time I use the Capture Totale One Essential Serum, I witnessed the magic.
This is after using it for the 1st time. I woke up next day with smoothed and hydrated skin. Skin never felt that healthy before :D

 Day 5 using the serum, it somehow lighten my acne scar, skin looks more radiant, and pores are smaller! I feel confident to walk out without foundation/concealer because I have better skin now!  This serum works to eliminate toxins down in skin cells. Cells are intensely revitalized. Hence the correction of all visible sign of aging is boosted effectively. This is something I would recommend to everyone especially if you are fighting with signs of ageing.

 Capture Totale One Essential Mask
I just use this mask yest with boyf yesterday. We were amazed by the result. We were so surprise to see what can this small bottle of mask can do in the 10 minutes. It is very easy to use as you just need to leave it for 10 minutes after applying on skin generously. Rinse off and continue with your daily skincare routine.

Skin is luminous and smooth. Pores are smaller. Skin texture is refined. Basically my skin just glows after 10 minutes. This is my 1st time using it and it works like wonder! This mask will be so useful if you wake up to bad skin and you need to go for an important date or etc. With just 10 minutes, your skin is all ready again. And also showcasing my new hair haha. It is so much shorter than before :/ 

Thank you Dior and Emily once again for the chance to test on this life-changing skincare teehee

Hope all of you girls can enjoy the joy of having beautiful skin after using these products!

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