Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dorothy Perkins Style Essential

Case Study: 'She loves fashion and takes a close interest in the new trends, but often doesn't feel able to carry off some of the latest looks. She's not always confident about her body, and doesn't always know what suits her. Quality, fit and price are all important to her. Suggest a worldwide known fashion retailer to her.' 

Ans: Dorothy Perkins

If you noticed, I have posting about Dorothy Perkins in my daily OOTD/OOTN. My friend asked if I am really that in love with Dorothy Perkins, and my answer is a big YES. I have posted about Dorothy Perkins beforehand at here and I cant get enough of them! This year, their Autumn/ Fall collection 'Style Essentials'  is very inspiring. The items are basic yet stylish and they are easy to match with. Here are a few that are currently my favourite in the wardrobe.

1. Blush embellished 2 in 1 dress
I wore this beautiful dress on my 21st birthday dinner in Sage Gardens. The elegant dress is perfect for any occassion:  wedding dinner, work, or a date. 
 Pair it with Dorothy Perkins Cream Colour Clutch for a matching look.

Love how Dorothy Perkins emphasize on details. The jewels around the neck is very beautiful. There are shiny and it just made me want to touch it gently because it looks so precious.

Look how it fits me perfectly! Brings out the body shape of a lady.

The back design is a little bit naughty while still being elegant. At 1st I thought it is bareback and then I realize there is a singlet inside! The design is really gorgeous.

And here is my day to night outfit: Put on the Black Collar Long Biker for work, then took it off for a chill out afterwork. Matching Black Collar Long Biker with the dress shows your attitude while expressing your feminine as well

2. Black and stone animal skater
This is the kind of dress that nobody would say no to it. For Fall/ Autumn fashion, animal prints is always in. Wearing this dress can be it casual or even formal events. Pairing with a sling bag and flats, you are good to go for a date or shopping. While for my choice, I prefer to go for a day to night look.

Pairing with Dorothy Perkins silver glitter clutch and had my hair tied up. I wore it for a casual event and people has been asking where did I get this piece of dress *proud* That is also because its cutting that perfectly match me!

You can play around with this piece of dress by matching with various accessories. You can definitely  find a lot of surprises because I did!

Apparently somebody said this look gives me a rich lady looks. HAHAHA *flip hair*

3. Black collar long biker
This is probably my favourite of all. I have always wanted to try on this style and finally got the chance!
Pairing with the Giraffe Print Bowler Bag

I am trying it for a casual look hence pairing it with a jeans shorts. Trying to be like a biker chic.

When the jacket is zipped up, I do feel like a biker chic. The design is edgy, stylish with attitude.

When I zipped it down, it is a blazer which I can wear it for a casual day out or work depending what do I match it with. And as mentioned above, I pair this jacket with a dress, and still looks awesome ;) 

It is made up of wool and it feels so cosy wearing it ! Some people might be wondering: Gosh its wool, how am I going to wear it on a daily basis in Malaysia? It is so humid and hot throughout the year! But for people who are easily get cold, this jacket is extremely useful in a very cold office or lecture hall. Of course I am not expecting you to wear it on the street. 
If you are preparing to go oversea such as Korea, UK or France which currently in their Fall/Winter season, this jacket is a must for you. It keeps you warmth, at the same time keep you stylish.

 I had so much fun matching these D.P. Style Essentials with accessories and different style of clothes! I hope I will still have many more chances to introduce new collection of Dorothy Perkins to you girls in the future :) Do let me know which one is your favourite alright?

How do you style with the Dorothy Perkins Style Essential for Autumn/Fall 2013? Do hashtag #DPEssentials when you post your photos in Facebook or Instagram! I am looking forward to see your style with the D.P. Style Essentials. There are so many ways to match them with your own clothes and accessories for different occasion. Be inspired !

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  1. You look great! Really elegant dresses. Thanks for sharing! ;) xx

  2. Aiyo, u jatuh no one lift u up? hahaha... just kidding... nice outfit... semi casual eh :)

    1. haha ya lo nobody wants to help me. thanks :)