Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Johnnie Walker Circuit Nights Korea !

Hows your last weekend treating you? I had an eventful weekend which I can't wait to share with you lovelies. Let me start the story from Friday night, the Johnnie Walker Circuit Nights Korea. I can't remember when is the last time I really party, yea I know it is pretty strange for some people.. LIFE, WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME? Nah just been really busy, I usually choose to stay at home whenever I have time to rest. Well, sometimes I do miss having fun with friends. Hence I think the Johnnie Walker Circuit Nights Korea did do a favour to me! 

 The Johnnie Walker Circuit Nights was held on 4 October in the Butter Factory. I was there kinda early but it is pretty surprise to see there are people who are even earlier than me. 

Whenever someone mentioned about Johnnie Walker, what came into my mind is the Black and Gold colour. It has been the signature of Johnnie Walker. Hence I picked black and nude colour to wear on. Loving the lace details on the dress that spice up the simple black dress! 

Upon the arrival, we are welcomed warmly by the beautiful usherettes. Johnnie Walker always impress me by turning a place that we all familiar into something really wonderful. 

Set up of the night! Don't you feel like shake your body when you are in such environment?

Beautiful Johnnie Walker Gold Label! It is always my favourite among all the Johnnie Walker due to its smoothness.

This photobooth is always my favourite in Johnnie Walker party. I like making all kinds of poses in front of it with my friends and excitedly waiting the photo to reach my email inbox. You just need to click and pose, type in ur email address, then voila! However, if you didn't receive it, you probably want to check your junk mail. 

A decent pose with Andrew :D Indeed worth to keep it as a memory

What's a party without friends? 

With YeeIng !

Yukiko! Love how she spice up the black dress with gold necklace. Creative yet stylish (Y)

I was so surprised to meet Adeline here! I posted a photo on Instagram, then she commented said she saw me! Then of course we quickly contact each other and met up. It has been 2 years since we last met! I have never thought of meeting her here. It was really nice meeting her again. She is one of the finalist of ATV Miss Asia Pageant Malaysia and also a dancer. Such talented yet beautiful girl <3 p="">

The long awaited Korean DJ is finally up!

The sexy DJ Show from Korea!

I guess everyone had a good time. At least I did. Great time catching up with friends and meet new friends as well. Thank you Manoah Consultancy for bringing me to Johnnie Walker Circuit Nights Korea! *kisses*


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