Thursday, October 24, 2013

K-Palette Zero Tema BB Cream in 02 Natural Beige

If you are looking for an awesome BB cream that is easy to apply and light for your skin, you are in the right page.

Honestly, I am not a fan of BB cream, and I don't really use BB cream all this while. That is because I tried other brand's BB cream before, and it left a very bad impression.. Dull skin after application for some time, oily and it just doesn't stick to my skin nicely :( 

But when I found out K-Palette has their BB cream in line, I would love to try it for myself. I am a loyal fans for K-Palette. I started to use K-Palette's products since last year when I just found it. I have been using their products since then, almost everyday, including the Real Lasting Eyeliner, Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow and the Zero Kuma Concealer. I am adding one more new love into the family, that is the Zero Kuma BB Cream

 Zero Kuma BB Cream comes in 2 shades. 01 Light and 02 Natural Beige. I am using the 02 Natural Beige for my skin tone. I need a BB cream that can do wonders at one time because I always do make up in the car, and I don't have much time to apply them layer by layer. I need to look good in the shortest time. Here is my try on the K-Palette Zero Kuma BB Cream: ( All photos below are straight from camera, without any editing)

Bare Face Alert!
Before application: Uneven skin tone with blemishes... Not really bare face as I put on eyeliner to prevent you all having nightmare tonight

I feel like I just put the 'Beauty Mode' filter in MeiTuXiuXiu app, but it is not! The result is purely amazing.

What I like about it:
 ~ feels light on skin
~ very easy to use: just spread and blend
~ long-lasting: I use it for about 8 hours, and it stays perfectly
~ good coverage
~ skin tone is evened! 
~ covers up pores
~ the glowing finish that brighten the skin tone
~ moisturizing: contain hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen
~has SPF 30++

Selling price is at RM59.90. Very affordable as you just need about 2 pea size of BB cream for the whole face.  This is definitely something I will repurchase.

How the BB cream look on skin under the sunlight: It covers light to medium blemishes. I think it is great for daily use. For even better result, you probably can try put on  1 more layer of BB cream or just use concealer for that spot. 

I love how Zero Kuma BB Cream has multi function. It is serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, make up base and also foundation. You don't even need to highlight your face because the pearl ingredient can improves and brightens the skin tone immediately. You look radiant naturally!

Zero Kuma BB Cream is available in selected Sasa outlets in Malaysia. For more information, head over to K-Palette Malaysia's Facebook page ( ). You can get some beauty tips from there too! 

This is my favourite BB cream, what's yours? 

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