Monday, October 28, 2013

Q Hair Works: Perm+Dye+Treatment+Updo

Time for some hair pampering time after finals! My hair colour was in need of a touch-up/change but I couldn't find any time before my finals. So right after my finals, I head over to Q Hair Works to save my hair. I have mentioned about Q Hair Works in my previous post. During my last visit, I went for a treatment. This time, I am going to consult my hairstylist, Eda for a change of look.

Before: I am actually still quite in love with the old hair but the hair root looks so awful, and my hair end is very dry as well. 

After telling Eda what's my concern, Eda suggested that I should perm my hair again, dye a new colour and also chop off the unhealthy hair ends. 
And then Eda just chop chop chop, I can see my hair is crying LOL no la she cut off the split and dry ends and gives me more layers this time. I hope my hair can grow faster! 
Btw they have some really worthy promotion and package ongoing, do check out their page for more information.

After cutting, she permed and also dyed my hair. To protect my hair, she also helps me to do treatment. The treatment smells so nice! It is fruits fragrance and I just can't stop smelling it. Products used are Medavita and Redken. 
 Anyway, after 4 to 5 hours of hair makeover, I will present to you the beautiful result! 


How do I look?

The next day I went back to Q Hair Works for treatment and also updo for The Roof Soft Launch. I will blog about The Roof Soft Launch tomorrow k? Stay tuned. As you can see in the photo, I washed my hair before I head over Q Hair Works and didn't apply anything on it, yet my hair still look so bouncy, healthy and stylish. Some of my friends said I do look younger in this hairstyle/colour. What do you think?

Simple updo by Eda from Q Hair Works. My hair colour is Caramel and I think this colour should look good in almost everyone.

Here am I with beautiful updo, enjoying the awesome view at Stratosphere, The Roof. Blog about it soon!

Do mention my name 'Wilee' to entitle 30% off of entire bill for hair services in Q Hair Works. It is a really great deal, and you shouldn't miss it ! Wait no more, call them at 03-79316168 now ! 

Address: 22,1st Floor Jalan 17/54, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


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