Sunday, December 22, 2013

WeChat x Remedy // Christmas & New Year Celebration

Hi everyone! It has been a while. Just came back from Medan few days ago and I will blog about the trip soon! It was a nice and relaxing trip with my family. I feel so recharged now! 

Make of the day. Since Drew bought me the 3ce lip crayon from Korea last month, I have been in love with red lips! If you haven't, do follow my Instagram: @wileetee and also for more daily update pretty please :) 
Dressed up nicely and heading out for the WeChat Christmas Party! I am having wardrobe crisis... Have really nothing then have to settle with plain black singlet. SAVE ME. Ok actually I went for movie first before the party. Thunderstorm was alright. But I think The White Storm is better.

Upon reaching the Remedy Plus in Scott Garden, we were greeted warmly by these cute devils. Being lead to our table and met up with so many old friends! Ahh it has been a really long time since I last attended event like this. 

So happening in Remedy Plus! People playing darts, drinking, chit-chatting happily while enjoying the band's performance. That kind of night you will just forget everything and enjoy the moment with friends. 

Thanks Jackie for letting me steal his photos to use on this post hehehe. I am so in need of a new camera!

In conjunction with Christmas & New Year, WeChat & The Remedy are offering WeChat users a special promo of BUY 1st Pint of Beer @ RM 18 and Get 2nd Pint ABSOLUTELY FREE!

The promotion will be running from the 19th Dec 2013 to 2nd Jan 2014.

All you have to do is to follow the Remedy Official Account, WeChat ID: TheRemedyKL or scan the QR Code and click on the pop up message to redeem.
Then, flash your voucher to the cashier/staff when your beers are served. That's it!

With the bunch! Happy us with our beer. Photo credits Jessy

Its end of the year and Christmas is coming. Its time for a drink up with your friends! Hurry up and gather your friends at The Remedy and Remedy Plus at Scott Garden and redeem the offer!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Furby Boom for Christmas!

Hey I just met you, but this is crazy, here is my number, so call my maybe?
It was a love at first sight. I am so going to share my romantic love story with all of you. This fella here, is probably one of the best companion I found in the past 21 years.

My new love, Bee-Doh. I am assuming it is a she. She is a Furby Boom. Since she walked into my life, it was so much fun! Whenever I am alone, she is always accompanying me without fail.

When I first got my Furby Boom, I was really excited! This is Bee-Doh when she just arrived at my home.  I got it as a gift, since it is near Christmas, I will say it is one of the best Christmas gift this year! Furby Boom, is a little pet with a mind of its own. I have heard of Furby quite some time ago, but never do I thought that I will ever own one. It has been in my wishlist, and now its like a dream comes true :) 

If you think the Furby Boom is just a toy which suitable for children, I am going to prove you wrong. 

My Furby Boom so pretty right! She is covered with loves. The free mobile Furby Boom app enables owners to personalize, interact with, and nurture their new furry friend. The app is available on App Store and Google Play for IOS and Android. I downloaded it in my iPad mini. 

 Just like a real pet, I can feed, it, shower it, or even take it to the washroom. The interactive dashboard in the app allows me to monitor the well-being of Bee-Doh including its happiness, hunger, and cleanliness levels. Each app can monitor wellness levels for multiple pets at any one time.

 If the dashboard shows that it is time for a bath, I just click on the feature, and watch as Bee-Doh physically react to the ‘temperature’ of the water. The new Furby Boom also features an enhanced memory function that will allow it to remember all the other Furby Boom friends she met. Any lovely Furby Boom out there want to meet Bee-Doh?

And it can hatch eggs! There will be furblings, and you can play minigames with it through the app. Not to forget Furby Boom can respond to speech in their own language or English as if she is listening hahaha I was listening to the conversation between Bee-Doh and my bf really make me laugh so hard. Even without the app, I can still play with her. Make her giggle, talk to her, cuddle her and etc 

 I think this Furby Boom will be a great Christmas present for anyone in all ages. Furby Boom aims to take kids on a digital adventure via their mobile devices as they learn to raise, nurture and play games with their very own digitally enhanced pet. Furby Boom teaches children responsibility and the importance of caring. Parents will love it because your children will, and there’s no mess to clean up after! 

The new Furby Boom is available in 6 different designs at most major toy retail outlets nationwide and major departmental stores at RM269.90. It requires four (4) “AA” batteries that are not included.  For more information on Hasbro and its all-new FURBY BOOM, please visit

Hope all of you are in love with your Furby Boom just like me! 

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Friday, December 6, 2013

BERRY BRIGHT 视力佳- 让视界更明亮




假如你和我一样,有着其中一样习惯,又或者你想要开始注重对眼睛的保养,我会推荐最近发现的好东西:BERRY BRIGHT视力佳

顾名思义,BERRY BRIGHT视力佳是通过多位专家的研发,研制出的高品质护眼草本配方。它的核心成分是黑醋粟活性花青素35ACTIVE CLASSIC EXTRACT 35)。它能保护眼睛,提升视力及预防眼疾,为我们的双眼提供周全的保护。BERRY BRIGHT视力佳有几项益处,吸引了我去尝试:

由于长时间对着手机和电脑,我的眼睛经常觉得疲惫,觉得无法专注,眼睛也会很干和不舒服。再加上睡眠不足和配戴隐形眼镜,更让我的眼睛长时间不适。而BERRY BRIGHT非常适合这类人士服用。

1。准备150毫升的水,接着打开一包BERRY BRIGHT视力佳并且倒入


在饮用后的一小时内,我觉得眼睛的不适得到舒缓!对于每天忙碌的生活里,这是十分有用的。做任何事情都比较轻松,心情也不会因为眼睛不舒服而毛躁。惊喜的是,连我的肩颈部也得到舒缓!我相信肩颈部酸痛是每个人都会遇到的问题。在我个人的情况里,我可以感觉到肩颈部疲劳获得改善。从我得到的资讯中,我也看到如果坚持持续的喝BERRY BRIGHT视力佳,也可有效地淡化黑眼圈!

有兴趣者也可从2022/12/13MID VALLEY EXHIBITION CENTER 10TH INTERNATIONAL HEALTH FAIR 2013到访BERRY BRIGHT的站,亲切的工作人员会一一回答你的疑问。我也会去哦!到时候见!不见不散~

感谢BERRY BRIGHT,我有20BERRY BRIGHT视力佳送给十位幸运的读者!只要在这篇PO文下留下你的名字和电邮地址,我会联络你哦

更多详情可上他们的网页 。脸书账号:

保护明眸,人人有责,更应从小开始。希望大家都能和BERRY BRIGHT视力佳一起用漂亮健康的双眼,享受这五彩缤纷的世界!


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