Monday, May 20, 2013

Kiss Me Mobile Station

Ever since I started using Kiss Me, it became my first choice everytime when choosing cosmetics. My make up essential such as foundation, eyeliner, mascara and eyelash are all using Kiss Me products. I get to know they are launching a new mascara, and was excited to try it out!


The 2 new products are Long & Curl Mascara S and Volume & Curl Mascara S. I personaly like the Long & Curl mascara better. What makes this mascara different from the Kiss Me mascara I previously used is the colour. We all know that usually mascara is in black colour, and it makes our eyes look very dark. This time it comes in brown ! The lovely brown gives our eyes a very natural looking.


The Kiss Me mobile station is a make up station which moving around different areas. To know more where is the next destination of this mobile station, do check out their page for more information.


I was there with Jane to try out this new mascara


Everything in pink!


Let me talk more about this 2 mascara. Kiss Me Heroin Make  mascara water-proof strength is awesome. I tried putting on mascara go out for 1 whole day and there is zero smudge! My friend told me she used it when swimming hahaha the best thing is there is really no smudge. I like the long-lasting and water-proof it provides. It is resistant to tears, sweat , water and also sebum.


If you think good product like this definitely cost a bomb, you are wrong! It is available in drug store such as Watson and Sasa and the price is very affordable for effect like this. The price is RM49.90. I can use it for 1 whole year. It definitely worth price.


After using the Long & Curl mascara, you can see my lash is longer compare to the other eye. the lashes’ curve is increasing too. It looks very natural and is perfect for a college look. Apparently after I got this mascara, I use it alone almost everytime I going out with friends or shopping. It instantly makes the eyes look brighter and bigger. Based on my own experience compared to previous Kiss Me mascara I used, this mascara is free from any clumps. Every lashes is beautifully separated. This formula solved the only problem I found in the previous mascara. I dont know what else can you dislike about it. Haha so go try it out! And I’m sure you will love it.




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Friday, May 10, 2013


It has been a while.. New sem has started and I have to stop my lazy pig routine. Here is a very short late update


This post is late for 2 months.. We went to Neroteca during our monthsary . It is just a simple dinner but I really love 2 of us dressed up nicely, sitting down in a restaurant chatting, and it is just our time.


Neroteca is a great place to dine in. I knew about this place from the famous Meme Proposal. Til now finally I get to try it. Great ambiance and friendly waitress, make me feel very comfortable in it.


The whole wall are rack of various wines. I love staring at these pretty bottles for no reason haha.


Their service is very good and we have some small chat with them. Friendly waitress and we loved the dishes they recommended.


The parking is only available at the open parking space opposite of the restaurant. If not mistaken is RM10 per entry. It is not a big restaurant but a cosy one.

418906_10151350614804786_1940235605_n (1)

Here is my date of the night <3


Wearing the new necklace from the date :)


Bread dipped with the vinegar before the meal starts. The bread is very soft and match well with vinegar.


MAX LOVE FOR THIS SOUP! The bacon on top is extremely thin and crispy.


The whole fish for 2 of us. We thought it won’t be enough but who knows we were really full. The fish is very fresh and so does the seafood around.


Matching the dish with white wine is great.


  Creme Brulee


Ground Floor, TheSomerset,
8 Lorong Ceylon,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-2070 0530
Fax: +603-2070 2530

Opening hours:
10.00am to 11.30pm (Daily)




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