Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Skin Topic : Body Care

Hey girls, today just want to share with you one of the new body care I tried recently, that is the Kiwifruit Series Silk Smooth Body Lotion and Light ‘n’ Luscious Body Wash from The Skin Topic. Its gonna be short but is all in my own experience and opinion Smile

#1 Light ‘n’ Luscious Body Wash


After using this body wash, you will never forget it. because its sweet fragrance will accompany you for quite some time


Were you attracted to it when you 1st saw it with the small black seed inside? I find it very cute in a way. It is a very gentle scrub which suitable for daily use. It can be used to remove dry skin cells , hence your skin will become smooth, soft and refreshed.


#2 Silk Smooth Body Lotion


250ml for RM78. It has a pleasant fruity smell


With about few bean size lotion, it can cover my whole arm well! What I like about it is it doesn’t feel sticky after applying! Skin also feel very hydrated. As I see it contains Kiwifruit oil and Sweet Almond Oil, it has high levels of Vitamin E and also antioxidants to protect from the harsh environment, especially when air condition nowadays is bad. The air is too dry!

I think this time there are too few products for me to try on. Hope I can try the other products as well! *pray*





Yours truly in Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant Launch,


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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Amazing result of Lovedrops Eyelash Curl Mascara !

Ladies, how often do you use your mascara? Mascara is essential as a good mascara can immediately make your eyes looking bigger and brighter. It can be used after putting on fake eyelashes to make your own lashes stick together with the fake one. For me, I use mascara almost everyday because I have very short and thin eyelashes… Hence my dream is to have longer, curler and thicker eyelashes! Besides using fake eyelashes and implanting lashes which are both too troublesome for me, choosing a good and effective mascara is my first task.



Friends have been recommended me many different brands of mascara but a lot of them are out of my budget.. I am just a poor student.. So price wise is my another concern. Where to find affordable and good mascara? I have found the one.

Look at the photo above, the mascara I used made my lashes curler and longer ! The effect is so obvious right! It also made my lashes look thicker hehehehe

Jeng jeng jeng, eager to know what mascara is this ?



Its the J Pop Corner Lovedrops Eyelash Curl Mascara (!  It costs only RM78.90!

One of the main feature will be the W-edge comb as you can see in the photo. It coats the lash from root to tip, separates each lashes and increase the volume SO MUCH. Let photos do the talking.


I have very short and thin lashes just like most of the Asian. The lashes are very not noticeable. I am afraid of lash curler as I always imagine one day it will go into my eyes and I just gone blind forever *insert final destination scene* Especially for short lashes people like me, the lash curler always try to curl my eyelid instead of my lashes and it hurts like hell…..

After applying the Lovedrops Eyelash Curl Mascara, what’s the result will be?


Tadaa!! Each lash is coated separately from root to tip without clogging! It creates the volume I wanted tooRed heart

I finally look like I have eyelashes wtf


Without using lash curler, it curls just like how lash curler works! If you noticed, I coated my lower lashes too. I usually do this to make my eyes look bigger and brighter. The Lovedrops Eyelash Curl Mascara is being very caring. The W-edge comb is designed for both upper and lower lashes. The longer comb is for upper lashes while the shorter comb is for lower lashes.

I am not sure about how much you love fragrance. But I personally prefer things that have fragrance smell than those have not. This is another reason why I choose the Lovedrops Eyelash Curl Mascara. It has a floral smell at the moment you open it. The mascara smell stays on your lashes for quite some time. In my own experience, I can still smell it after 2 hours I applied the mascara on my lashes! The smell is kinda addictive and I love it Thumbs up


The packaging is so cute! It looks like a booklet. I was sending this photo to my friend, and she said: Wah since when you became so hardworking, studying on a weekend?! Hahaha cheat one la. The booklet packaging is so cute as the mascara is located right in the middle of the booklet. the inner page are instructions in Japanese.



You can coated a few more layer for better result. Thats how I usually put on for daily outings. When I have events to attend, I will coat it a few more layers to make it even thicker, longer and curler Winking smile

Oh ya 1 more plus point to add! As our air condition is getting worse, the haze might cause you to have teary and itchy eyes. You will easily become panda if you are using a non-waterproof mascara! The Lovedrops Eyelash Curl Mascara is waterproof and is highly resistant to tears Smile That’s why I choose it for my everyday make up. Sometimes, my eyes was so itchy until I have to rub it. But fret not, the mascara will not smudge and is in perfect condition! You might be wondering how to remove it if it is so strong. It is surprisingly easily removed by using lukewarm water.

Since nowadays people wear mask when going out, your eyes make up is important to attract people. Haha anyway, do take good care of yourself k! Drink more water, stay indoor, don’t rub your eyes and wear mask if going out!

Head over to selected Watsons to get your Lovedrops Eyelash Curl Mascara Red lips




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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Underarm Skincare

Ladies, in which part of your body do you care the most? I think most of the ladies would say face, hand, legs or hair. But, we always forget one very important part that need extra care which can make you feel confident as well, that is underarm.

Done a little survey among my friends on the underarm care they had, surprisingly majority of them said they did not take care of their underarm! We have very limited information on the underarm skincare compared to body, scalp or face. This causes the insufficient care of this specific area which actually as significant as the other body parts. While reading until here, ladies, are you guilty of paying too little attention to your underarm skincare? We often are bothered with dark underarms and bumpy chicken-like looking skin on the underarm, right?!

To me, underarm has been so important because it determined what I can or cannot wear. Women choose clothes based on their underarm condition. As hairy underarm is very not suitable for sleeveless clothes, hair removal is the most common underarm care and also beauty ritual. I guess most ladies are either shave, pluck or wax their underarm hair. Here is some tips for you:


If you have noticed, the Step 5 has recommended people to use the Dove deodorant to help skin repair. Why is it so ? Plucking and shaving actually cause damages and irritation which leads to dark and damaged skin. And that is the last thing we want to see on our skin.

Dove is the solution to the damage caused by shaving or plucking. Jeng jeng jeng jeng ready to find out? 


Dove has a series of deodorant which I really like, that is the Dove Whitening. Btw, this is actually a long overdue post, as I want to experience the difference on myself before I want to share it with you lovely ladies. I am very honoured to be invited to the beauty workshop by Dove, and get to know more about our delicate underarms.

Ladies, you might wonder why you experience irritation such as itchiness, dryness and stinging sensation after hair removal? Not to forget the colour changes in underarms and also coarce & bumpy underarm skin… Is is due to our unique underarm skin as it has a weaker barrier function to other skin sites. Shaving or plucking also cause irritation and inflammation which leads to melanin formation resulted in darkened skin. But don’t worry, your solution is here.


Dove’s unique 1/4 moisturizing cream to lighten and smoothen your delicate skin and return it to its natural state! It is so special that it whitens the skin with Licorice root extract, smoothens skin with sunflower seed oil and replenishes skin moisture with glycerol. With these, it helps skin recover from irritation, reduces further damage from removing hair by improving skin resilience while lightened darkened underarms. And of course, it is as effectively as other deodorants in the market.

There are Dove Whitening Original, Dove Whitening Silk Dry and Dove Whitening Unscented for you to choose. All of them has the same effect but you can choose them for different purpose. The Dove Whitening Original comes in the usual roll-on type and also spray type. It has a slight fragrant smell, which is like the usual Dove products. The Dove Whitening Silk Dry makes you feel like you are wearing silk everyday. Use everyday you can achieve fairer and silky smooth underarm that you definitely will love. But my favourite one will be the Dove Whitening Unscented. It allows me to wear my favourite perfume without clashing scents from the deodorant!


In my own experience, it gives me visible result in a week! I have been using the Dove Whitening deodorant for about 2 weeks now, and I am amazed by the result. The underarm skin appeared lighter in colour and no more dryness! I am very happy to wear any kind of clothes, as beautiful underarm really brings out my confidence.

Ladies,you should seriously witness your own miracle.



Thank you Jane for inviting ! Love you long time Red heart

Just by imagining the beautiful and revealable underarms, you should quickly grab one Dove Deodorant  and try it now!




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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The See By Chloé Girl

As you are reading the title, and looking at the photo below.. Yes, what you’re thinking is what I’m going to say.


I’m the See By Chloé Girl.

The See By Chloé Girl is joyful, spontaneous and full of wonders. Doesn’t it sound like me?

Now, take a look at the ad I just shoot here. Looking good isn’t?





Haha no la I cheat one. The real See By Chloé Girl is the ever natural yet irresistible Bette Franke.


Bette Franke, is the face of See By Chloé. She is definitely the perfect person for See By Chloé. She is young, lively but attractive, just like a mischievous girl been caught by surprise. 

I’m sure most of you lovely readers, especially ladies, heard of or is a loyal fan of Chloé. But do you know that Chloé has an instictively sister, See By Chloé?


The bottle itself is a piece of art. Compare to other fragrance in the market, its design is a little bit playful. When I first saw its glossy pink case, I’m surprise to see them using such bold and lively colour. When the See By Chloé perfume is escaped from its case, I am amazed by its multi-faceted bottle. A silver ring outlines the pink letters of the See By Chloé logo while the glass pleats and 3 adorable feet make it sparkle! The mirror effect and transparency compose a luminous game of hide and seek.

Created by perfumer Michael Almairac (Robertet), this fragrance reveals an addictive floral scent. The first sparkling notes of bergamot stir the senses. It is then comes with tangy essences, apple blossom and the grace of jasmine. Then you will discover the sensual notes of sandalwood and vanilla. The perfume is very lasting, sweet and light but sensual. I love it at the moment I smell it. Apparently the boyf likes it too! successkid.jpg

As the See By Chloé girl is playful, smiling, cheerful, urban, self-confident but seductive, I am slowly discovering my inner self and working my way up to the level! Come you all judge for me see I qualified or not

Dare To Sing

Do you dare to sing in front of strangers?


No I have never sing in front of public alone except during primary school time.. But I dare to pose in front of people! Did I win the point back?


The Funny Trouble

Original version


And here is my little funny trouble version Winking smile


What came across your mind when think about Crazy Love?

My Crazy Love moment are always with my sweethearts.

TH Studio 3 june 10

We do crazy and fun things together, and that’s why I love them to bitsRed heart


And jeng jeng jeng jeng! here is the Dare To Kiss. I have a little surprise…



my Dare To Kiss!




The perfume is price at RM187 for 30ml, Rm277 for 50ml and RM340 for 75ml. Try it, I’m sure you will not regret.

Oh, if you wonder how could I appear in the See By Chloé advertisement, go to this link :

The movie maker will generate the video for you in 90 seconds after you uploaded the 3 photos in there. Have fun looking at your very own See By Chloé video !





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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dress Yourself Up with Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins is one of the brands that we all familiar with in Malaysia. So far I have seen Dorothy Perkins store in Pavilion KL, 1 Utama and City Square JB. I am sure there are more stores in Malaysia.

Dorothy Perkins is now one of the biggest fashion retailers in the United Kingdom, established 90 years ago. I personally like Dorothy Perkins as it provides affordable ad feminine fashion. Walking into its store, I am in love with almost every piece of clothing. It is more towards the sophisticated, mature but fashionable trend. It is great for ladies who are 20 and above in my own opinion. Of course there are some fun, cute-looking pieces that are available for ladies who prefer the cute and adorable type.

But, do you know that you can have a whole new shopping experience with Dorothy Perkins online?


I was excited to know that Dorothy Perkins online shopping is available at There are so many items to choose from! The brand offers UK sizes 06 to 22, and a wide range of collections including Tall, Petite, Maternity, Lingerie, Shoes and Accessories.

Besides, you can hands on the items that are not yet available in Malaysia! You know it feels pretty proud when you are using something that is unavailable here Smile with tongue out

I got myself 2 bags this round. I use them almost everytime I go out. Yes that is how much I like them. 

The 1st item is the Blush small glam crossbody(RM 96). 20130517_202553

It comes with adjustable strap so I can adjust accordingly. Its cream colour matches well in every outfit.

2013-06-09 13.30.18

Besides, it can be used as a clutch too ! I use it as a clutch when i go for events or wedding dinner or a formal events. It looks good right *proud*

The 2nd item is my favourite . The Giraffe print bowler bag, price at RM163. I always wanted a bowler bag because it is functionable yet matchable with most of the outfit.


No matter you are using it for work, or


a usual day out with boyfriend, or


attending dinner and events, it is the perfect choice for me. It is because I like to bring many stuff out such as camera, cosmetics and sometimes water bottle. This bowler bag can fit in so much stuff but at the same time its giraffe print is still fashion. A boring plain black outfit can be spiced out by just a bag.

Dorothy Perkins' ranges are updated weekly in store and daily online. You can expect to see the latest fashion trend and make them yours. All the orders in the website are sending from UK. Hence it takes up to 10 days for you to receive your item. You gotta have mental prepare for it because I waited mine for like erm 3 weeks plus.

Anyway, do check out the website and I am sure you would love to bring them home.


In a side note,my spontaneous trip to Cameron Highlands will be up soon! Stay tuned xoxo


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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

Dang dang dang dang! I’m holding the new Samsung Galaxy S4 in White! I’m pretty excited to try it out when I first got it. The more I use it, the more I love it. No joke.


I love the camera the most. For me, phone’s camera plays a very important role. Go out with friends, travel, recording all the funny pose my hamsters did and etc, everything in one camera. My semi-pro camera has been resting in the cabinet for pretty long time haha.

There are a few fun stuff that I would love to share with you. Of course there are more, but it is all for you to explore it Winking smile 


The dual camera is really cool. The front and rear cameras are both used at the same time so you can include yourself and the person you’re taking photo in the same photo. Just like what I did when I just got my hands on to the S4. So cool right! We used to ask strangers to ask us to take a group photo but now with this dual camera, you can include yourself when taking others. Problem solved! Besides, you can change the frame and position of the small frame , so there are a lot interesting and creative photos can be taken :)


My sis is so going to kill me when she sees this :x The drama shot is another fun thing to play ! You can take a series of moving people/ thing and make it into a photo. I have so much fun trying this. And it is absolutely easy to use!


This is probably not the main point, but I find this camera can focus and take photo in very short time, and the colour is very close to the real thing. It makes me doesn’t miss any funny pose my hamsters did. Here is a photo of my hamster showing you his messy fur.


There is this Watch On feature I MUST tell you. THIS IS THE BOMB.

My favourite artist 小S is the ambassador for S4. This ad is so funny! Thumbs up to Samsung for such creative ad.

As you can see in the video, the video you are playing will play and pause by recognizing the motions of your face. I have showed this to many of my friends, and everyone is just goes WOW. This is so useful to me . I’m not going to miss any scene when someone suddenly interrupts me.


GALAXY S4 Lifestyle Image_Air Gesture

Ok 1 more cool stuff to recommend. The Air Gesture. The Infrared sensor wil recognize your hand gesture hence you can perform such as flip to next or previous photo and receiving call without touching your phone ! When I first knew about this feature, my OS was: This is so great ohmaigawd I can finally use phone when I am doing my manicure ! Girls, I’m sure we feel the same.


Group play can be the new In thing to do when you hang out with your friends. You can create a group, ask your friends to join the group then youu can play music or games  together or even share files using it.

Honestly, I like the Samsung Galaxy S4 very much. Go get yours now !




Shot with S4 Beauty Mode

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