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Coffea Coffee, Bangsar Baru

Any coffee lovers/ addict here? Scrolling through instagram/ Facebook/ any social media platform, it is not hard to spot that coffee is the new green now. Many different coffee shop/cafe blooming, and we are spoilt for choices. Although I am not a coffee person, I hopped on this trend and visited one of the hottest coffee outlet in town, Coffea Coffee. Have been reading so much about their good coffee and cosy environment, I can't wait to try it out myself. 
Coffea Coffee is located at 8, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala lumpur. Not hard to spot it among the shops. Coffea Coffee is brought over from the land of Kimchi, and started its flagship in Malaysia since 12 December 2012. It is also the 1st outlet and 1st franchise to open outside of South Korea. 

The original founder, Timothy Choi is a multiple world-champion barista and established his 1st outlet in Seoul in 2007. It grew into 54 outlets within the next 6 years! Now you know how much Koreans love their coffee. I am so glad that they decided to bring it to Malaysia, so we get to have a taste of the great coffee. 

Stepping into Coffea Coffee, I am attracted to the special design on the wall. The environment here is cosy yet lively. 

I like this corner for no reason.

Coffee is something new to me as I am not really into caffeine. But thanks to Reuben, I have learnt so much about coffee, and coffee itself is truly an art. I guess my coffee journey starts in Coffea Coffee, and it is definitely a good start. 

Reuben Valentine, the spokesperson for Coffea Coffee introducing Coffea Coffee to us. His story is pretty inspiring, how he stepped into this industry. If you are coming to Coffea Coffee next time, do pay attention to the music they are playing, they are amazing :)

Barista here are well trained in Korea and they make sure the other barista in Coffea Coffee are all up to standard. They have won multiple awards.

Coffea coffee is one of the official members of Cup of Excellence, an esteemed organisation that awards top coffees which is where they bid for award winning beans.  So far they have been successful in winning the bid for 2012 Rwanda, 2013 Honduras and 2013 El Salvador beans. They are the only Malaysian company to do so. And I get to try the Rwanda! Talk about that later in this post 

Coffea Coffee also supports green eco-living which I think is a role model to the others. From the wall-panelling's and counter tops to the table tops, every piece is made using recycled Javanese teak wood from Java wood. They also doing Direct Trade with the farms for their coffee beans. With this, farmers get higher profit margin which definitely helps to improve their lives. 

Enough of the introducing, lets go and have coffee!
We have Isaac in the house to prepare great coffee for us

Coffea Coffee offer 2 unique coffee blends, Maestro and Madonna. 

Maestro: If you like a nice kick in your cuppa, opt for Maestro. It is a full-bodied, classic American style blend. It has a chocolatey aftertaste. 

Madonna: The milder, European style, fruity aroma Madonna has a dash of acidity which is delicious in its own way. I prefer this one as it is not too strong, and more suitable to drink it at night. If you take Maestro, you probably can expect insomnia at night. 
These blends can be ordered with any style of coffee like latte, macchiato whichever you like. 

There are various selection of Single Origin in Coffea Coffee. Theyuses premium beans from best coffee farm regions of the world such as Costa Rica, Colombia and Sumatera.
The list of Single Origin on serviettes!
There are 3 methods to prepare your single origin, you can choose from Pour Over, Clever Dripper and Aero Press. It is very interesting to see the skilful barista preparing your coffee!
I have tried the Clever Dripper method which is on the right and Aero Press on the left using the same coffee bean, the Rwanda. For Clever Dripper, the taste is raw with stronger texture. While Aero Press creates a more concentrated coffee with clean and neat taste. It is more bitter as well. As you can see in the photo, the one with aero press is darker and more concentrated. 

Avocado Mocha
How interesting this combination is! Base is mocha, then Avocado and top with ice-cream. This one very nice! Creative combination creates fun taste. 

Madonna Tiramisu
Has a shot of espresso in it, not too sweet and I personally like it pretty much. 

If you are not into caffeine, there are various selection of choices others than coffee such as tea, smoothie, signature-latte, ice-blended.
Green Tea Latte is my favourite of all! It tastes different from the usual green tea latte out there due to the green tea they used. I like the rich texture of it. The taste did impress me!  You can try pair it with Red Velvet cake, it goes well with the green tea latte. 

Have you heard of Peanut Butter Latte? I bet you have not. When I first heard of it, I was kinda reluctant to try it. Cause I thought it is gonna taste like peanut butter jam which is very dry and sweet. But it turns out to be super good! Andrew loves it so much haha. The texture is light with strong aroma. 

Various cake selection available at here too. Andrew likes the chocolate peanut butter cake. I guess he is really in love with peanut butter though

FYI, this is how you should drink a coffee. Some people may like to mix it all together.. But this is the proper way of drinking it la. Just like there are manners for fine dining, but you might not be following all of them haha.  As the bubbles on top are so tiny, the art will stay till the end of the cup. I tried and it really works!

Coffea Coffee also provides loyalty card, which member is entitle to 10% discount for all regular priced items. 

Great night with awesome people! You can take photo at this wall with the board next time too. Look so nice with the unique wood background. Here is definitely my new favourite hang out spot :)
Oh did I mention the price here is very reasonable? You should definitely check it out.

They plant this coffee tree when they first started the business. Look it has grow to so big now! Just like how Coffea Coffee has grown so fast to total 4 outlets in 2 years. If you are looking for real coffee, you know where to now ;)

Coffea Coffee Malaysia:
Bangsar: 8, Jln telawi 2, Bangsar Baru. 59100 KL.
SS15 Subang Jaya: A-10, Jln SS154D, Subang Jaya 47500 Selangor.
Sunway Pyramid: LG 106, Lower Ground One, Sunway Pyramid, Subang Jaya
The Curve: Lot No LBG-1, Ground Floow, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, PJ, Selangor.


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