Thursday, March 6, 2014

Coffea Coffee, Bangsar Baru with Galaxy Life

Have you downloaded the new Galaxy Life app yet? If you have not, you should download it now! The Galaxy Life is a mobile application which Samsung consumer will received personalized, curated and exclusive content optimised for their devices. As I browse through the great deals offered in the application, I was so attracted to this deal in Coffea Coffee! Super worth it I tell you. And so the Galaxy Life brought me to Coffea Coffee for the first time. 

I have been wanting to try it out but it seems like I just don't have a reason or chance to go there. With the great deal like this, I don't think I would want to miss it hehe 

What's the great deal for Coffea Coffee? With the Samsung Galaxy Life App, you can now enjoy 50% discount for any of the world class single origin coffee when you buy any beverages in Coffea Coffee! Coffee lovers this is definitely that kind of deal you would love!

I went to Coffea Coffee with Andrew who is caffeine intolerance, or maybe tolerance level is just too low.  Obviously he couldn't order any coffee in Coffea Coffee, so he ordered the Green Tea Latte.

This is the best green tea latte I ever tried! I am so glad I came to here if not I am so gonna miss this good stuff. Then, I took out my phone, enter the Galaxy Life app, and redeem the Coffea Coffee voucher which is under the category of Live.

It is very simple to use, just download the app, find Coffea Coffee under the category of Live, then redeem the voucher. Show your phone to cashier and Voila! As simple as ABC!
Note that it is for 1 time redemption and you are supposed to use the voucher in 60 minutes. 

And here I am with my single origin coffee.
To read about my visit to Coffea Coffee, you can read it here. We had such a great time here. I think Coffea Coffee is a great place for friends to gather around. With the 50% offer, I am sure you will have more reason to come here now :D 

My Single Origin is RM15 and price varies from RM10 to 15 depends on your choice. So your single origin will only costs you about Rm 5 to 7.50! Such a steal for good coffee like this!

Wait no more, download the app and head over to Coffea Coffee to enjoy your cuppa heaven now! Thanks to Galaxy life, I can now enjoy so much great offer whereever I go :)
Whether it's about getting recommendations on food, fashion, or lifestyle by experts or a good deal found especially for a consumer, Galaxy Life will be their passport to all these and more !

 Download the app  at and enjoy all the exclusive deal now! 

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