Thursday, March 6, 2014

Delivering food to your doorstep by Mr. Panda

Women's Day is coming, and what do you to treat your superwoman/princess/the special someone? 
If you are still thinking what should you do on that day, here are some suggestion:
- Shopping Gift Card (I will be so happy if I get this!)
- Beauty Spa Treatment ( who doesn't love a little pampering?)
- Spend a day with her watching her favourite movie
- Give her a surprise gift ( aww how sweet!)
- Cook her a meal/ bring her to a nice restaurant

For me, I would love to spend a day at home, just doing things I like. But we can't sacrifice our tummy from good food right? But but but I don't want to go out... And here comes the saviour:

Introducing the ever adorable Mr Panda ! Does he look familiar to you?
He is Mr. Panda from ! You have no idea how much I rely on them especially when I am feeling lazy at home.

What is FoodPanda?
' is a small team of problem solvers, designers, thinkers and tinkers, working around the clock to make Foodpanda the most powerful online tool for food delivery in the universe. We believe that ordering food should be easy, fast and definitely fun! We wanted something simpler, so we made it.

Foodpanda has online menus from the staggering selection of delivery restaurants around you. Simply enter your post code and search for cuisine type, restaurants or even price range. The restaurant index also includes address and delivery hours. No online food delivery is too difficult for Foodpanda! Food delivery service has never been made easier!' -

There are so many different cuisines and restaurants to choose from. From Chinese, Japanese, Korean to Western, we are so pampered with choices. I always order it through their website but you can also order it through the mobile app which can be downloaded for free in 

And is time for a little reward for you lovely readers! Get a RM10 rebate on your purchase with by using these code:

There will only be 5 lucky ones get to enjoy the offer. It is only applicable to new users. Make use of the vouchers to make her day even more special :)

So act fast and enjoy this discount now!

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