Thursday, March 27, 2014

MILO® Malaysia Breakfast Day

I remember when I was young, back in primary school, one of my best memory is seeing the Milo truck appearing in the school. That means we can get out from the classroom for a while,queueing up and enjoy a cup of cold Milo! Perfect for hot weather in Malaysia. I love just standing at the corridor, holding the cup of Milo and drink it slowly like it is so precious with my friends. It was such a lovely time. 
Everyone loves Milo, I wonder who doesn't? 

Milo is my daily drinks since young. Before go out to school, my breakfast is usually a cup of hot Milo with 2 slices of bread or biscuit or nasi lemak. My mum always tell me drink this then you will grow up fast. Come to think about it, with nutritious breakfast like that, it provides essential nutrients for kids to let them grow up healthily.  

I practised this habit even until now. Although I am out staying alone, I might be lazy to prepare a nice breakfast for myself, but I am glad that Milo has come up to so many types of packaging to suit everyone needs. I drink the instant Milo where it is packaged as a package drinks with straw everyday without fail. And I love spreading the Milo powder on the bread, I think it tastes heavenly. Anyone do the same like me? 

That's how much I love Milo. 

Unfortunately, there are many friends around me who love to skip the breakfast due to waking up late, on diet and etc. 

Mr. Ho Hau Chieh, Executive Director, Dairy Business Unit of Nestle Malaysia attempts a “MILO® Tarik” for the cheering crowd 
So when I first heard about the Malaysia Breakfast Day organized by Milo, I think they are doing a very good job to create the awareness among the public. The healthy habit of having a balanced breakfast and active lifestyle should be practised by everyone. Btw 'Milo Tarik' is something new to me :p

Do you know that breakfast is essentially important to everyone of us? 
Of course this is not only for the kids! We adults should be aware of the importance as well. As parents, we should emphasize the importance of breakfast to the kids and making sure they have a nutritious breakfast before they start the day. 

   The Nestle MILO® team serves a healthy breakfast accompanied with a nutritious mug of MILO 

According to United States Department of Agriculture, a healthy breakfast should consist of a variety of foods. For example, low-fat or fat free milk, whole grains, lean meats or meat alternates, and fruits and vegetables. Offering these menu items will help provide a variety of nutrients and keep students and ready to learn until lunchtime. Do plan your breakfast for yourself and family accordingly. 
I personally likes to pair Milo with roti canai, a delicious and typical Malaysian breakfast.

The MILO® Positive Energy Squad  makes an appearance at the MILO® Malaysia Breakfast Day launch

This year, MILO® is bringing a new spin to breakfast by introducing the benefits of Positive Energy from having a well-balanced and nutritious breakfast. Positive Energy is derived from the perfect ratio of nutrients consisting of protein, carbohydrates and fats to provide our body with the much needed fuel to take on both physical and mental challenges each day.

This year, the annual event 'Malaysia Breakfast Day' will be held in Dataran Putrajaya on 20th April 2014 starting from 7am. Bring along your family and friends and come together to enjoy the most important meal of the day and participate in physical activities together. It is definitely going to be a fun-filled family day!

Apart from the 8-km and 3-km runs, there will be breakfast meals available to all runners and attendees while conducting various interactive sport activities that will keep the whole family energized. 

Find out more about the Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014 at

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