Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weekend Chill Out at Stratosphere,The Roof

It has been quite a while since I went to a nice place, have a drink and just chill out with friends. Early the month, I went to Stratosphere, The Roof to have a drink with friends. This is going to be my second visit to the Roof. My first visit was a hard hat tour which you can read more about it here. It simply means the place was still under renovation. Of course it is all nicely donw now! But I have yet to have a chance to take a look. Hence I was pretty excited to the night where I can chill with great view.

Walking towards Stratosphere. The night was pretty windy! Always imagining I am some superstar when I walked on red carpet like this lol am I the only one who think like this ?

Frankly speaking, I am not entirely awake from the night out the day before with my crazy friends. Not really hangover but feeling a little bit blur. I guess I am not so suitable for a crazy night like that anymore. A nice chill-out night is more of my thing. 

Present to you Stratosphere, The Roof. 

I would love to have a drink here in this open air rooftop bar. Simply beautiful. Unlike the other usual pub/drinking places, it is definitely not noisy. I had a nice catch up sessions with my friends.

 Unfortunately the night was a little bit hazy but it doesn't stop us from enjoying ourselves there! 

At the bar
We had Belvedere that night! I think having champagne at nice place like this to chill is pretty awesome.

The floor has improved so much since my last visit. Although it is grass, but it is hard and you don't have to worry getting your heels stucked in it because there are cement pathway along. Very thoughtful of The Roof !

There are some promotion going on such as Ladies Night on Wednesday and Beer promo in Score. Do check out The Roof Facebook Page  to find out more about it!

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