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Review: Japan Gals Vitamin C + Nano Collagen Mask

If you have followed my Instagram and Facebook closely, you might still remembered that I have taken up a 30 days mask challenge with the Japan Gals Vitamin C + Nano Collagen mask. This is a new product I have found in the market and I want to see how well does it work on my skin. I always have confident in Japanese product especially beauty products. Just look at all the Japanese girls! They have the flawless fair skin which I would die for.

Japan Gals Vitamin C + Nano Collagen Mask contains Vitamin C derivative which is the Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate that act as antioxidant and hydrolyzed collagen, the moisturizing ingredient, to keep the skin moisturized. The packaging is pretty eye-catching in bright orange. 
So I am going to unbox it.
What I get inside is this big packet which has 30 pieces of mask inside. I find it very convenient for me to use at home as there is a zip lock to seal the packet everytime I take one piece of mask out. Instead of using the usual paper mask which is 1 piece in 1 packaging, I think this is more eco-friendly and save place for my dustbin wtf. 

There are instructions at the back. It is all in Japanese but you can always read the instruction on the outer box in English. It is really simple to use. I place this packet on my dressing table, so I won't forget to use it everyday. If you like more cooling effect, you can store it in the cooler box/fridge. 

 What I like about the product is the cotton mask's quality. It uses Japan Cotton and is Pure Cotton with no fragrance, no colorant and no mineral oil. It is thin enough so the essence will be absorbed into the skin easily. And the best thing is the shape of the mask.

To use the product is as simple as ABC. 
1. Wash your face, and apply the mask into skin.
2. You may turn the eye mask down and attach it to tje under eye-areas like the photo shown below.
I am not sure if I am the only one who always cant place the mask nicely on my face. It is usually too big or is not flexible enough to fit my face shape. But this Japan Gals VC + NanoC mask fits our Asian Face very well. Usually around the mouth area I always cant cover it all. But as you can see above, this mask has a wide cover shape for around mouth. It fits perfectly around the nose too. 

The cotton mask is in bigger sized so don't worry about the side of your skin is not covered! I really like how it fits our face nicely.

 3. Or you may close your eyes and cover the upper eyelids with mask.
It comes with the double eye treatment so your face is well-covered! 

4. Leave the mask on for about 5-10 minutes. Afterthat, remove the mask, then follow with daily skin care procedures.

 Disclaimer: I am using it everyday after I put on toner/lotion before I sleep on a clean face. After putting the mask for around 5 minutes, I remove it and pat the excess into skin. I will put the mask on my neck for about 2 minutes as neck needs delicate care too. It is then followed by my usual skincare routine. I also went for facial in the 3rd week of the challenge so skin appeared more scars at the last photo.

Day one of using the mask. My skin was really dry and have pores problem

After using the mask for about 2 weeks. This is actually one of my happiest time. Skin is smooth and moisturised, pores surprisingly smaller too.

My skin right now. Skin appeared more scars due to facial last week which poke and squeeze all over my face but the beautician did praise me for improved moisturised skin condition woohoo *successkid.jpg

Photo taken with Samsung NX Mini with no beauty mode/filter/editing.

Went to Malaysia's Clothes Buffet last Sunday and that place is crazily hot. I feel like myself is melting but my make up still stays very well! In the photo I only put on eyeliner, mascara and thin layer of BB cushion. No longer putting on thick make up because I am getting more confident in minimal make up ;)

Verdict: I wouldn't say it works like miracle. But it does help my skin to look more suppled as you can witnessed in the photo above. My skin is no longer dry like before and pores actually smaller in size too. Now my make up stays longer than before due to moisturised skin!You will be amazed at how a moisturised skin will make you feel and look better :)

You can get the Japan Gals Vitamin C + Nano Collagen Mask at selected Guardian stores. It is only priced at RM65 for 30 pieces of mask inside. Do share with me what do you think about the mask after using it. Waiting forward to it!


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