Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Be Stylish with Samsung NX Mini

Have you read about my experience during Samsung NX Mini Photo Marathon? If you have not, you can read it here . I have been sooooo in love with the camera ever since I got it. Basically, all the photos taken from 26 April till now, which I posted in both Instagram and Facebook, are all taken with the Samsung NX Mini. And most of the photos are without any filter and edit! Do follow me to see more of the photos :)

As I have shown in the previous post, I am using a white NX Mini. Beautiful isn't? I love it. 
Do you know Samsung NX Mini comes in 5 beautiful colours? 

It comes with black, brown, pink, mint and white for you to choose. It is kinda unique as pink and mint camera is quite rare! As much as I love the white NX Mini I got, it was a love at first sight with the Mint NX Mini!
Look at this baby... Such beautiful pastel colour! I love how pastel mint looks so good on a leatherette design. It gives me a premium, stylish yet soft look. Both men and women are going to love this. 

For people who doesn't like colour like this, white is always the perfect choice. 
One more thing that I like about this NX Mini is its leatherette design. It is so me. 

It gives a classy yet premium look, making the owner to look more stylish. This theory is the same as wearing a high end watch, or carrying a premium brand handbag. And it instantly gives you a kind of confidence to showcase yourself. 

 The leatherette design totally give a fresh and new look to the camera! It is definitely one of a kind. I love how it personifies my need for a premium and luxurious product. Taking it out from my bag just made me feel atas for that moment lol

Since I have mentioned about my bag, I thought I will just show you what's in my everyday bag.

 What's in my everyday bag: Cosmetics for touch up especially during a long day out, sunglasses, hair accessories, purse, phone and my NX Mini 
I love how the NX Mini being so stylish and awesome, it is suitable to bring for any occasions, both casual and formal. 

I will be attending a wedding very soon, and this is what I have prepared to wear on that day. All white! 
The NX mini is very handy and it fits into my clutch! I can now have pretty photos in the events but I don't need to carry a big bag to put my bigger camera! The leatherette design of the NX Mini matches so well with almost everything. Let it be lace, pearl, or even leather. Leather on leather is really cool.

For party. You won't want to carry a big bag when you are party-ing isn't? My take for a party outfit: Crop top, Studded high waisted shorts, a glitter messenger bag to make the outfit pop. I then just pop in the NX Mini, and I am good to go! As you can see, the stylish design of NX Mini makes the whole outfit looks cooler, exactly what I want. 

The stylish design not only makes the outfit to be cooler, it works just as well for a girly night out. 
For a date night, I will wear a wavy top paired with a skirt to flaunt the beautiful curve, carry a tote bag which can stuff in the cardigan. If it looks a little bit plain, the appearance of NX Mini is going to make the outfit become more classy. 

I will be posting more photos taken using my NX Mini, so do follow me on instagram @wileetee and Facebook Wilee Tee. You can check out the hashtag #myNXmini in both Instagram and Facebook to see others' photos too. 

The Samsung NX Mini is priced at RM1399 with 9mm f3.5 lens and Rm1699 with kit lens. Very reasonable price for stylish design yet high image quality camera with flip screen. Find out more about it at here or you can always go to a Samsung centre to ask the friendly sales assistants. 

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